Friday 28th Oct, 2016
Yann Goredini
Yann Goredini

Born in 1971, Goredini already had the chance of listening to early electronic artists
like Kraftwerk,JM Jarre, Vangelis,and Mike Oldfield at a young age. Ever since he was at an age
to use records he spent the time playing 45-track Disco records for his parents and their friends
to dance to.
After a few years of study he finds himself spending time with clubrecords and behind the mic of a free radio
in Nouméa, Nouvelle Calédonie: It's the year of 1989 with Lil Louis' French Kiss, MARRS with Pump
Up to volume, S-Express, etc.
Moving back to the city in 1991 he takes a liking to styles like House and Techno
These years it's no holds barred, because in his city of birth a new club is
 opened which fame reaches mythical proportions in the whole of France.
not sure about the whole l'An-Fer, if it's really a physical club, or a concept.
L'An-Fer becomes the first time residence of legends like Laurent Garnier's
parties New Age, Trax, Wake up
, showcasing the debutes of Dj Tonio and others, playing songs which
have become extraordinary classics of Derrick May, Shazz, Jack de Marseillie, Ludovic Navarre
aka St. Germain, parties Pump It Up of couleur 3, MAW, it's a long list indeed. So many artists
that made for and contributet to a colorful culture of music,
It isn't before the year 2000  that he finally decides to invest in computers
and such, and while learning it is a waiting period untill 2006 before releasing a few tracks in collaboration
with a few of his friends. Finally in 2008 he has the guts to showcase himself and his music on Myspace,
Facebook and other sites, like many other amateur musicians that have gotten the wish to open up to
a larger number and the possibility for all others to simply listen or become an inspiration for others.

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