Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016
From: USA


Raul Rodriguez better known as zarbeat was raise and born in the biggest city of the world (Mexico city)where he's  started as dj in local underground party's back in 1996 eventually gaining experience that will take him to play along with national artist and international figures such as Paul Van Dyk, Hard Floor, Dj coccyx,itzone ,dj T100 and Praga Kan ...
He studied music and arts for a short period at the national school of art, right before he move on to United states ,once in Chicago  his new home he decides to retake his carrier not only as dj but as producer concentrating in a blend between hard techno and minimal ; becoming one of the few Mexicans in the scene his dj sets became more fun and he went from two turntables to 3 and eventually 4 using samplers ,digital hardware, and visual arts with the help of Lorena Padilla Difusion records vj and and event coordinator of the label he invites Marcos Romero and few more artist in the genre to be part of a new project called Difusion records concentrated in minimalistic sounds and arts that will be released digitally initially and physically in the near future zarbeat music can be consider as a party starter  for his high contents of beats and digital sequences crated and recreated live on the fly by him. This Mexican at the stage like once people call him has been accepted by his public and minimal masters considered as a passioned and true lover of minimalistic paterrns

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