Sunday 23rd Oct, 2016
From: USA

Lovingly raised in the ultra-orthodox, hasidic community in Brooklyn, Zev's first foray into music, at the tender age of eight, was singing in a hasidic all-boys choir. Skeptical about a life of devotion from an early age, the opportunity to escape the insular community presented itself while at rabbinical school in Israel at the age of fifteen. Needing work with no formal education, he turned to the emerging wild west of internet.

Returning to New York in 1999, at 17 he founded the web company Engulf & Devour. The first profits went to turntables and a handful of deep house records. Playing at small parties, music became a crucial element in an increasingly stressful world. After some success, the company was purchased by publically held CMGI, -- which proceeded to go bankrupt with the rest of the internet in 2000. Zev moved to Los Angeles, co-founding an online casino marketing company, continuing to develop his musical side.

Returning to New York after September 11, he met Gadi Mizrahi at a party in Williamsburg. The pair shared a taste in music, partying, work ethic and aesthetic. Wolf + Lamb was born as the pair played out and began a series of legendary parties that continue to this day. With close to ten years of DJing behind him, Zev's performance style works its way from vocal depth and rhythmical congruity to a gritty, vintage New York ballagan.

After a second bout with cancer in 2004, he quit his consulting firm for a full-time life of celebration, music and dance, growing Wolf + Lamb into three record labels, opening the Marcy Hotel, and producing his own brand of soulful dance music.

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