Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016
la gosse
la gosse

My name is GAELLE aka LA GOSSE mean child exactly what i am. I was born in Marseille, the south of France. Since a very young age around 10 i felt in love with electronic music, mixing the likes of SNAP, TEKNOTRONIC,BLACK BOX and many more from the radio anto tapes/cassettes.

By 16 i found clubland and was lucky enought to look older than most so could get into clubs, no problem ! felt in love for clubbing aswell! By the time dance music developed into house music i was hooked, buying my first set of Technics and enought vinyls to practice. By this time all that mattered was MY RECORDS AND MY DECKS nothing and nobody could disturb me ! This was now my real PASSION ! My first gig with my first real crowd was one year later, a private birthday party and up to now one of the best day of my life, it was a really good party!

Over the years few clubs in Marseille such as LE BAZAR, LE TROLLEY BUS, and LE METAL CAFE offered me work. By 2004, i decided it was time to find a new audience in a new city . I came to London wich was a cool place to go and explore. Initially it was very difficult to find work especially as i did not speak english very well. I would go to lots of clubs and try and make as many contacts as possible.

This year with passion and dedication it is beginning to pay off, i have played at MEET REDLIGHT, 54, SOSHO RETOX and THE EGG. For many djs music is their passion for me MUSIC IS LIFE AND LIFE IS MUSIC !

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