Thursday 29th Sep, 2016
valentino de bronff
valentino de bronff


The first cd valentino de bronfff ever bought at tender age was snoop doggy dog's "doggystyle", but because his mum disapproved of the dog pornography in its booklet he was not only forced to return it but also to swap it against a frank sinatra cd. that experience turned out to be so traumatic that valentino not only decided to leave the country but also to switch his audio listening preferences from the half-ass medium cd to GOD-SENT VINYL and focused thereafter his full attention on deep and clicky house music. since then, vinyl lover valentino turned into a constant global underground force pumping deep house, dubby techno, as well as clicky minimal all over the globe. he co-founded and co-ran for two years the infamous MINIMOOD NIGHT with VOLT.MAR at various en vogue locations in london, and which later turned into the record label. for the past three years valentino de bronff has been associated with and been a solid part of the quality underground minimal scene in tokyo, playing with his friends from the MINIMALTOKYO collective at infamous tokyo night clubs like WOMB, UNIT, WAREHOUSE, SOFT and COLORS STUDIO as well as underground locations with bigger than life soundsystems all over the city. one day, valentino will make a record about how frank sinatra and snoop doggy dog's sexual fantasies saved his life.

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