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Sempai Music is an independent company focuses on quality dance music.

Sempai is born with global vision for the best underground music, no matter the genre. The mission of Sempai Music is simple: release quality music from upcoming talents and well respected artist from all around the world.

We are always interested in a good track. You can expect everything on Sempai Music. From deep, funky, tech and progressive house to deep underground techno and minimal, we love it all. As long as it´s quality and proper electronic music!

Our artists will sound in our own radio show, Sempai Music Radio Show by Marcos Valiente worldwide via internet, 120 minutes radio show featuring Sempai Music artists and friends!

Do you want to become part of our family?


Marcos Valiente (SPAIN)
Emanuele Guida (ITALY)
Javier Alemany (SPAIN)
Pawlo Tojeda (GERMANY)
Obie Tryce (UK)
Ezio Spadafina (ITALY)
Sergio Menendez (SPAIN)
Dennis Fröhler (GERMANY)
Paul Begge (RUSSIA)
Bonetti (SPAIN)
Karlos Kastillo (MEXICO)
Javier Perez (SPAIN)
Readymate (ROMANIA)
Tomer Elimelech (ISRAEL)
Rene Possegger (AUSTRIA)
Kymosabex (ARGENTINA)
Marcos Cruz (SPAIN)
Fran Guzman (SPAIN)
Lucas Ribeiro (BRASIL)
Raul de la Horza (SPAIN)
Clemens Heringer (GERMANY)
Alfonso Llovera (MEXICO)
Mindsoul (ITALY)
Il capo electronico (SPAIN)
Kamikatze (POLAND)
Stiven Rain & Stone Angel (VENEZUELA)
Matiago (ITALY)
Rob Lamberti (CANADA)
Edu Lopez (SPAIN)
Jesus Riaño (SPAIN)
Max Spittal (UK)
Niko Jimenez (SPAIN)
Cesar Martinez (SPAIN)
Victor Polo (SPAIN)
Yeray Sanfiel (SPAIN)
Denis Lux (GERMANY)
Dj Plaztik (MEXICO)

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