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Ibiza Voice Podcast 531 :: Andres Campo

Although its spin off party Elrow is better known around the world, Florida 135 is Spain’s oldest techno club and a nightlife institution in the country dating back to 1880. Both clubs are very much a family affair, and resident DJ Andres Campo has been a part of the furniture  for more than a decade, as well as a regular tour DJ for the Elrow brand.

Ibiza Voice: How did you record the mix?

Andres Campo: The mix was recorded live at my residency at Florida 135 for our TerrorSound Festival. I used three CDJs, a Xone:92 mixer and two Boss pedal effects (reverb & delay). [The music] is influenced by the theme of the night, terror, and the time, 8am onwards.

Where do you get your music from?

For buying, i’ll usually go to Beatport and some other not so well known platforms. I’m always searching through my own collection to see if I can resurrect some great oldies and I’ll receive fresh tracks from some of my close friends. I think I spend pretty much all of my time listening to electronic music (even now while I’m answering this).

Tell us about your record collection?

I started to play and collect music more than twenty years ago. I was playing trance and progressive house in my early years so today I’m happy to see trance making a comeback. I also have a lot of HardGroove vinyls. I play most of my music digitally nowadays so I’m always ripping old tracks from vinyl.

Do any of these tracks tell a story about you?

Yes for sure, music always holds memories. Some of my tracks transport me to older times, some of them are eternal. For example every time I listen Marmion ‘Schoneberg (Marmion Remix),’ I’m transported back to the beginning, as a young stoned kid playing an afterparty in my hometown and dreaming.

Tell us about the scene you came up in?

I’m from Huesca, a small city in the North of Spain, and when I was young the electronic scene and rave culture was massive there. There were a lot of clubs, no laws about closing times, no pressure on the scene. It was pure and I was lucky to be there. At that age you could go out on a Friday and come back on Monday.

I started to play at 14, and at 16 I was resident in three clubs, playing every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I would also go to clubs like Florida 135 and Coliseum with my fake ID and festivals like Monegros, which was close to my town. Heroes? All of the DJs of that time in Huesca; David Calle, Frank, Ricardo, Catalinas, Gaston, Jaime “Viuti” Claudio, Toni Verdi, etc. I learnt everything from them.

How did you become involved with Florida 135?

It all kinda happened naturally. Florida is close to Huesca. I used to go all the time and became friends with the staff. The first time I played there was about 11 years ago. I remember that all my friends from home came to show their support, it was special. Then I got to meet the owners (Juan, Juanito, Cruz, GrandFather etc) and also started also to work as a designer in their Barcelona office, designing the club flyers and posters etc. They were looking for new residents and they choose me.

I was playing there a lot already, so for some of my friends the residency wasn’t really ’news.’ The team at Florida 135 are a brotherhood, a family, and I’m really happy to play my part and also be involved in the planning and programming of the nights.

Why is the club so special?

Florida has something really special about it. For a start there is the club itself with its amazing layout. It’s like a village square, with buildings, balconies to dance on, a Cinema, bars, stairs and places to get lost in. The DJ is in the centre of it all, with people all around you, 360º. The crowd and vibe is always amazing and to be honest, you can’t really put it into words. The best thing to do is come along and share the experience.

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