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After a chilled sun-drenched summer in keeping with the laidback vibes of his critically acclaimed 2nd artist album ‘Subaquamarine’ on Section Records, Audioglider (aka Roberto Sodano) has been digging deep to create a whole host of more upbeat club-based tracks, some of which are showcased within this exclusive podcast mix. He has also been collaborating with new Section Records downtempo artist and cinematic music-master, Xspance, to create a new album of laid back classic electronica vibes to be released early in 2017. In the meantime, enjoy this musical journey served here exclusively for Ibiza-Voice.

Podcast Tracklist:
01. Merrin Karras - Elevate [ASIP]
02. Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (Gigamesh Edit)
03. Lindstrom - Closing Shot [Feedelity Recordings]
04. Audioglider - Spiralling [Modern Agenda]
05. Aguizi Fahim - Faint (Just Hear Remix )[ICONYC]
06. Dustin Nantais - Foretold (Fractal Architect Premonition Remix) [Manual Music]
07. Ape Sapiens - Every Shade Fades (Original Mix) [Clinique Recordings]
08. Audioglider - Retina Funk [Mirabilis Records]
09. KOshkin - Solo (Ewan Rill Remix) [Stellar Fountain Records]
10. Audioglider - Ocular Overkill (Tripswitch Remix) [Section Records]

Audioglider Latest Release

Artist: Audioglider Title: Subaquamarine LP Label: Section Records
Format: CD gatefold wallet / digital download
Beatport | CD Bandcamp
Artist: Audioglider
Title: Subaquamarine LP
Label: Section Records
01. Stockholm Syndrome
02. Aerial View
03. Edison Spark
04. The Keymaster
05. Driver XVX
06. Moulin Bessou’ed
07. Ocular Overkill
08. Selective Amnesia
09. Slideshow
10. Always And Infinite
Ca No: SCTN0022

A journey in every sense of the word, ‘Subaquamarine’ takes the listener through a beautiful and uplifting landscape. Lifting off from chilled and reflective beginnings with ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, ‘Aerial View’, ‘Edison Spark’ and the polyrhythms of ‘The Keymaster’, the pace builds with ‘Driver XVX’, through the gorgeous and enveloping nu-disco-tinged ‘Moulin Bessou’ed’, the downright awesome powerhouse of ‘Ocular Overkill’ and the electro energy of ‘Selective Amnesia’, before it’s back to Rob’s place for a chill session finale with the closers ‘Slideshow’ and ‘Always And Infinite’. The vibes are positive and beautiful throughout, leaving you feeling nostalgic for the listening experience you’ve just enjoyed and ready to go back to the beginning and do it all again!

Also, check the single ‘Ocular Overkill’, released a couple of weeks prior to the album launch, with remixes from Section label boss Nick Brennan (a.k.a. Tripswitch) and Boston (USA) based progressive chillwave luminaries, We Are All Astronauts.


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