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As a product of both Rome and Naples, Carola Pisaturo inherited the incredible liveliness that the two of these amazing cities are known for. Her passion for music is true devotion - a uniquely Italian mix that lies halfway between spirituality and sensuality.

Ibiza Voice - Thanks for joining the podcast fold. What have you been up to and where were you when you recorded this mix?

Carola Pisaturo - Thank you! I recently moved near Rome, by the sea. I brought here some stuff, a kind of mobile studio to make and listen to music while I'm here. So this is a podcast with a sea view and a salty taste!

IV - Is this set a typical snapshot of your usual style?

CP - More or less yes. I love to play harder techno as well, but when I record a podcast I prefer to select warmer sounds, but yes, could definitely be a recorded dj set, maybe an early morning one.

IV - What's the flavour of the mix, and are there any exclusives in there?

CP - I decided to mix new and old, which is what I usually do in my sets.

IV - How was it mixed? Did you commit this mix via vinyl or was it mixed digitally?

CP - It's mixed with cds, with some edits on the fly

IV - Are you a fan of Ibiza? What is your fondest or earliest memory of the White Isle?

CP - Of course I am, I love Ibiza day and night. I had the opportunity to play in big clubs like Privilege or Amnesia as well as in small beach parties, chiringitos and both situations were really fun in a different way

IV - In terms of your productions and remixes, what's coming up for you in the rest of 2017?

CP - A various artists 2x12" is out now (June 2017) on my label Claque Musique, wich includes a track by me and one with Donato Dozzy under the alias "Oscar", alongside other amazing artists.

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