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Ibiza Voice Podcast 520 :: Charlotte de Witte

If there’s one DJ about to take the world by storm, it’s Charlotte de Witte. Never shying away from a challenge, always malling her career and music the way she envisions it. And scorching through a myriad of uncompromising, agressive techno sets across Europe every single weekend...

Ibiza Voice - Thanks for joining the podcast fold. What have you been up to and where were you when you recorded this mix?

Charlotte de Witte - Thanks for having me! Lately I’ve been travelling quite a lot, which is amazing. Festival season is rapidly approaching and only last weekend, I was playing at Magazine Club in Lille, Junction 2 Festival in London, Crossover Festival in Nice and Le Garage in Paris. I’m actually currently on my way to Barcelona for Off Week where I’m playing at a party hosted by Studio 76 and a Suara Showcase. On Saturday, I’m flying to Helsinki. Life is pretty hectic with now, a lot of flights, but I’m enjoying it to the fullest.

IV - Is this set a typical snapshot of your usual style?

CdW - Yes and no. I think making a podcast gives you the perfect opportunity to think outside the box and show a different side of yourself, without abandoning what you stand for. The set is obviously a techno set but there are some tracks in there I wouldn’t necessarily play in a club or at a festival. I try to take the opportunity to – I’m sorry, I know this sounds cliché – tell a story. Even in just one hour you can really build up your set. I think for this one I started at about 124 BPM and ended at 130 BPM. (I’d have to double check though!)

IV - What's the flavour of the mix, and are there any exclusives in there?

CdW - This one turned out to be actually quite club minded. I’ve included a remix Keith Carnal made of my track “Voices Of The Ancient” that got released a couple of months ago on Mary Go Wild but also some of my favourite tracks of this moment from artists such as SHDW & Obscure Shape, Looper and Regal.

IV - How was it mixed? Did you commit this mix via vinyl or was it mixed digitally?

CdW - I recorded this mix at home on Ableton. A podcast is made for listening to, which isn’t the same as playing a set in a club. Ableton allows you to be more subtle and creative with your mix and even make smalls edits of the tracks you’re mixing.

IV - Are you a fan of Ibiza? What is your fondest or earliest memory of the White Isle?

CdW - I love Ibiza! And actually maybe even more for its nature and culture then its nightlife scene. I’ve been there a couple of times already and I’ve actually been there one month ago for the opening of Hï Ibiza. A friend of mine used to work there so we all went together to this massive new venue. The sound and lights were absolutely perfect. They created a whole other universe in there! But fuck me, there were a lot of people in there! It’s a bit much for me to be honest. I probably just became a spoiled brat by having backstage access all the time, haha. If you ever go there, the Toilet Stage was the coolest stage!

My earliest memory is probably lying on one of Ibiza’s beautiful beaches drinking rosé, getting tanned and filling out a Sudoku. It’s a super cool thing to say actually that I’ll be making my Ibiza debut in the same venue where I discovered Balearic nightlife years ago. It will happen on Monday 10th July. I can hardly wait!

IV - In terms of your productions and remixes, what's coming up for you in the rest of 2017?

CDW - A remix I did for Steve Lawler just got released on Turbo Recordings and my new EP, called Wisdom EP, actually got released today on Sleaze Records! I’ve been playing those tracks quite a lot throughout the course of the last couple of months so I’m very happy I finally go them out there.

After summer, I got two other EP releases planned and there should follow a couple of remixes as well, but unfortunately, I can’t say a lot about that at this moment... I’ll have to bite my tongue and be patient, which isn’t my strong point!

Wisdom EP by Charlotte de Witte is released on Sleaze Records today via Beatport.
Catch her performing in Ibiza on 10th July.



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