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Ibiza Voice Podcast 521 :: Cole

As resident at one of Italy's best clubs 'Tenax', Cole can justifiably lay claim to being one of the most influential DJs in the entire country. 

This place has seen gigs by everyone ranging from 80s new wave bands to world famous DJs, but it is ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ party that has made Tenax one of Europe’s legendary club names. Cole joined up as a resident in 2006 and shares the decks on a regular basis with everyone from Villalobos to Väth.

Ibiza Voice - Thanks for joining our podcast series. Where are you right now and what are you doing other than talking to us?

Cole - At the moment, I’m here in my studio, listening the new live of Aphex Twin at Field Day 2017, increasing more than never my desire to research new sounds to propose. I have to say that it’s a pleasure for me answering your questions.

IV -  It’s a pleasure to talk to you! Can you remember the first record you ever bought? Is it still in your collection?

Cole - If I would say the truth, I don’t remember the first record I bought, however I remember the first record I put on a turntable…It was the Intillimani’s Cantos de Pueblos Andinos, from my father’s collection, that I still preserve, with jealousy..

IV - Vinyl or CD? Talk us through the tone of this mix, what did you use to record it?

Cole - Like always and with pleasure, I use and respect both. I also think that we use to waste time judging if is a vinyl or digital file, precluding the chance to have much more music available and risking also to not enjoy the moment…

About my 'tone', I can say that for a long time I’ve been dividing the music just in good or bad, suitable or not for the situation you are in. Since I started doing like this, I can really play lots kinds of music like I did in my podcast.

In 15 tracks, I passed from 80’s to current, from deep house to acid, then getting through techno, to finally arrive to pure 90's electro.

And without forgetting the present like often happens, I also put in the podcast tracks from friends of mine like Federico Grazzini, Giammarco Orsini & Pancratio from the wonderful HEKO records, Spacetravel and Jackie, that in my opinion are among the best producer of this moment. I wish the best for their work.

IV - What’s the coolest thing you own?

Cole - The coolest things I have are my friends and the people around me that give me energy to carry on in my life. They are an essential component of every single party we do, starting from Tenax to Sunflower, and finally to Tartana.  Our new summer house where the format “my house is your house”, is born from our will to have a club to share with friends, with the same passion and the crew like us.

IV - Awesome! What’s the most difficult thing you have had to overcome in your career?

Cole - Fortunately, I could not tell you something more difficult in the last year, but I can say that in this moment, is undoubtedly very difficult; using the energies day after day and dedicating them on a more and more targeted movement of governments and politicians like hunting for witches, even not realising the social and economic potential of the thing

IV - So you are part of the Tenax crew? Please tell us about that!

Cole - It’s a great honour and big responsibility to be part of a club like Tenax which has made history since the 80s. The club gave me the chance to share the decks with some of the biggest names on the planet, and it also allowed me to play gigs all around the world, from the US to Russia and greater part of the EU. As the seasons went by, I’ve been constantly challenged, and ultimately, I got to a point where I feel like we’re inseparable, in good and bad, just like with your all-time love partner.

IV - Could you describe Tenax to someone who hasn’t been? What makes it so special?

Cole - Tenax is more than just a club. It’s an amazing place where music is at the center of it all, just like other great clubs from around the world. Unlike other places though, Tenax boasts a special, intimate family-like feel, which brings back the essence of what clubbing used to be; a place where people get together every Saturday and celebrate the joy of being with each other, while sharing one’s strong energy on the dancefloor.

Every detail is curated thoroughly, from the sound system which was specifically designed for us, to the forward-thinking marketing work, not to mention the outstanding management and main crew. Tenax has been a landmark in the international clubbing scene and it will always be.

IV - How did you get your break as a DJ?

Cole - I believe my bigger breakthrough is yet to come, however, the first phase of my relationship with Tenax and the season 2005/2006 granted me international visibility at that time. On top of this, I see as key my strong will and constant hustle, plus the great success achieved thanks to our flagship open air party Sunflower.

I think I’ve always been a DJ pretty much, I’m 31 now and I’ve been buying music for 18 years. Little by little, just by keeping to contribute to the scene at every possible level, I’ve gotten to where I am now. I’ve never aimed too high, and I’ve always known my place (maybe even too much sometimes) but I’ve always spent as much time as I could out and about, going out with one priority on my mind: always enjoy myself.

IV - Do you produce? If so, what labels?

Cole - I’ve made a lot of music during the years, I even studied for one year at a sound engineering school, nevertheless, I still haven’t released anything officially; thing is, some of my tracks have been played by many great international artists. Many have critiqued me for this, but I feel like my music still needs to reach that next level of quality, so that it could leave a mark over time. Honestly, I don’t want to release anything because it would be convenient for my career, I want to do it because I enjoy making it. This winter season will be the one, the music I’m hearing right now inspires me a lot and makes me want to get in the studio.

IV - Where do you source your music?

Cole - I look for music basically everywhere. Just as an example, this month I went to Stonehenge for the solstice (I highly recommend doing so to everyone) and I sampled many things there, from the sound of the druids to some of the weirdest and most sincere musicians I’ve ever listened to. When it comes to that day to day research, I get music online, especially Discogs.

IV - What is your favourite record shop?

Cole - My favourite record shop right now is which luckily resides in my beloved hometown, Florence, so I can visit the store in person. Obviously, I get my stuff from other major places like Hardwax, Rush Hour, Technique, etc.

IV - Could you expand on the mix? Whats your favourite track? How did it come together? How did you record it? 

Cole - In my mix I tried to express fine taste with 360 degrees of freedom, by getting rid of any possible preconception. The record I like the most is Pancratio – Incontro Lunare. I recorded the whole thing in the Tenax studio, with the support of our new team member Mennie.

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