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Ibiza Voice Podcast 543 :: DLR
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If hunger is the key attribute for success in dance music, DLR has more than his fair share.

The Bristol drum’n’bass star first came to prominence with a collaborative album. Octane & DLR ‘Method In The Madness’ was one of the d’n’b albums of the year in 2012. The pair concentrated on solo efforts in the wake of the release and DLR, aka James Rowbotham, set about plotting a busy course of solo productions including two killer albums in 2015 and 2016, as well as an extensive list of collaborations with other artists and appearances on the scene’s biggest labels.

DLR’s vibe is all about the funky, twisted side of d’n’b, as capably demonstrated on current big tune Rungler, a collaboration with Bournemouth duo Ulterior Motive.  

For his Ibiza Voice podcast however, Rowbotham introduces his dub techno alias, Oakm. Nine tracks from this alias appear on the mix, beginning with low bpm, spacious four-four dub, before the beats break midway through and the mix peaks with d’n’b for the final section. It’s an ambitious and telling record of the talents of a producer with a voracious appetite for the studio, unafraid to cross styles and tempos to present his interpretation of dub influenced music.


Ibiza Voice: Tell us about the mix and the tracks in it?

DLR: The mix presents one of my alter egos Oakm which is a dub techno inspired project that I've been working on for years. I'm patient with the whole thing so I’ve been waiting for a moment like this to present the project to people's ears. The tracks are a collection from over the years of many of my various alter egos including collabs as Cymatic with Ruckspin and Quantum Soul and Onemind with Mako.

How do you normally select tracks for a mix?

When I start a mix I dig through all the possible material and put it in a shortlist then I select naturally as I feel it. It's good to get a palette of sound together so that you can work on impulse.

Tell us about your record collection?

I travel a lot and so used to buy a lot [of music] on my travels.. I've slowed down a bit now and started to note things down as I travel and get it back in the UK. I love psychedelic sounds, so african, latin and dub [music] is a must for me. Obviously like many dub techno heads I'm obsessed with Rhythm & Sound and have built a pretty tidy collection, plus there were some big re-releases recently which have helped fill some gaps.

What's the story behind your newly launched Sofa Sound label?

I just got the itch really and wanted to go out there in to the big world and make a statement. The first release was a collab with Quadrant called Ghostfish and went down really well and people are really feeling the approach to the artwork and image of the label. The vinyl looks fresh and people are digging it. Now I’ve just got to keep things moving.

Tell us about the scene you came up in, how did it influence you?

The scene in Bristol was pretty grotty back 15-20 years ago. D’n’b had more of a fun, jump up sound. I liked the grimey edge and the attitude of people, it had a punk feel to it in a way. My career took shape when I was in Leeds 10 or so years ago. There were too many talented people to mention in one place at one time and it was really inspirational to be surrounded by creativity like that.


Oakm ‘Fa Mi Dub’  (Dub)

Oakm ‘Another Dub’ (Dub)

Oakm ‘Murky Dub’ (Dub)

Oakm ‘Lightening Dub - (Dub)

Oakm ‘Composite Dub - (Dub)

Oakm ‘Foundry Dub - (Dub)

Oakm & Disappear Here ‘Don’t yu Dub [synth mix] - (Dub)

Oakm ‘Congo Dub [140 edit] - (Dub)

Oakm ‘Demon Dub ft. Rider Shafique - (Dub)

Cymatic ‘Jungle Fever (Box Clever)

Onemind ‘Untitled - WIP - (Dub)

Dillinja ‘Promise’ (Metalheadz)

DLR & Mako ‘Seek Knowledge ft. Rider Shafique

Onemind ‘Collected Consciousness’ (Metalheadz)

Onemind ‘2 on Each Side VIP ft. Rider Shafique’ (Metalheadz)


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