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You can almost track the progression of Darius Syrossian's career purely from his mixes for the Ibiza Voice podcast series.

His June 2009 debut was alongside original production partner Nyra and celebrated his recent move to become part of the VIVA stable of acts. His 2013 edition came during his Tribal Sessions tenure and acknowledged the then ongoing success he was having in this celebrated residency and line up curation of that brand. Fast forward to 2017 and we see him now as one of the UK's most celebrated electronic exports and frontman for Ibiza's Do Not Sleep, which will shortly begin its 3rd season on the island.  

Ibiza Voice - Where did you record the mix?

Darius - At home in my studio. I was just adding some finishing touches to a collab track I have done with Steve Lawler, then finished in time to do this mix & that was also done in time to catch the Champions League football. Hahaha

Ibiza Voice - What equipment did you use to record it?

Darius - I recorded the mix using 2x Technics vinyl decks and x2 CDJs. Everything is recorded into my into my studio computer but I NEVER go into it and clean it up, I believe a mix should be raw and real. When I did my Sankeys 20th anniversary album mix it was recorded live from the club, and again the Balance compilation was a live recording at a gig in Argentina... I like to keep it real and there are too many mixes out there that are too clean and it sounds sterile. The beauty of DJing is hearing a dj work the tracks, some of my fave djs - like Derrick Carter and Laurent Garnier - are probably the best in the game for track selection, but when they mix, you can tell its a DJ really working the tracks. It doesn't always have to be in key and cleaned up after wards in Ableton. So after I recorded it, I just left it as it was.

Ibiza Voice - What was your thought process behind the mix?

To sound like a Darius Syrossian set. and to show that you can still do a mix aimed at the dancefloor, which can 1) have some soul and 2) not be just another mix full of lowest common denominator Beatport tech house music... I think people complaining about tech house need to realise that not all that style music is soulless.

I agree with those that complain that there is way too much music on the market that is just mindless garbage, which has the same formula, and made for the average dj to play and what they might call a 'TECH HOUSE BANGER'. So I just wanted to do a mix which showed that music aimed at the dance floor doesn't have to be soulless..

Ibiza Voice - Where was the last gig you had and what was it like?

I played on Saturday two shows. The first gig was at Sankeys Birmingham which was packed out even at 11pm and a great atmosphere, and hats off to them, they have made the place really have that Sankeys vibe. After that, I played at Ministry of Sound, for a DO NOT SLEEP party, and I have to say that was amazing, it is great to see such an iconic venue like Ministry back to its best, I think it had a few years where it dropped off the underground radar, but it was packed out and myself and Nick Curly both really enjoyed it

Ibiza Voice - Where is your next gig?

I have a crazy week ahead, I play an amazing show in Madrid on Friday at Nox club, then Saturday in Venice, then straight over to Miami for 4 shows at Winter Music Conference. I play the DJ MAG pool party, Space Miami, a Doorly & Friends rooftop party & another gig at Treehouse, which is amazing... then straight back to Europe for a show in UK & one in Belgium. This is all inside one week and involves 10 flights, but I'm used to it now and I don’t think I will ever lose the hunger for doing this.

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