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We welcome an electronic master to the Ibiza Voice podcast series with this edition. Having previously worked with Colin McBean (aka Mr G) as The Advent,  Cisco Ferreira's new G Flame project takes him away from the analogue techno world towards the world of house music..

Ibiza Voice - thanks for joining the Ibiza Podcast fold. Where in the world are you?

G Flame: I'm at home in sunny Brighton doing some studio work with Dutch artist Steve Rachmad.

Ibiza Voice - Please tell us briefly what you have been doing recently, and any exciting plans you have forthcoming.

G Flame: I have been in heavy production mode since the beginning of 2017, finishing various projects. Upcoming releases include a G Flame record on Darren Emerson's Detone label & something on This & That for Davide Squillace, plus more music with my other alias The Advent..

Ibiza Voice - Ah yes, you were formerly known as The Advent alongside Mr G - is your G Flame moniker a continuation of the hard analogue techno sound you guys made?

G Flame: Nope, it was the complete opposite, more touching on deep house music and combing techno elements to trying something new.

Ibiza Voice - You were also known as The Advent yourself until recently - why did you change your name for G Flame?

G Flame: I did not change the name, I just wish to perform as two different acts. G Flame & Mr G was a concept we started in 1997after The Advent departed from FFRR records and signed to BMG/Metal Box. 

We did six 12" releases & one album 'Who knows G!'. But later Colin carried on with Mr G and I continued with The Advent.

Back then not too many people understood tech house, except house heads like Sneak & Roger S..so fast forward to 2017 and everyone seems to be playing tech house, but for me its more commercial sounding, so I want to bring back that raw feel..

Ibiza Voice -
Finally, what is the special ingredient of the podcast? Are there any exclusives or personal gems included and how did you record and mix it?

G Flame: Podcasts are a great way to give the clubbing public a taste of what to expect on the night. For us it's a good way to test upcoming exclusives and our favourite tunes of the moment and off course the classics...                  

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