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From: UK
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IBIZA VOICE - Jaden welcome to the podcast fold. For those that don't know you yet, introduce yourself in a few words? 

Jaden Thompson - I'm a 17 year old music producer and DJ from Gloucester, England. 

IV - What has been keeping you busy in terms of releases and gigs? 

JT - I've recently had my debut release ‘All Day EP’ on The Martinez Brothers’ label 'Cuttin' Headz’, which has been getting a lot of great feedback. At the moment, I’m working on several exciting projects including another EP and a remix. 

IV - How did you approach this mix? What format did you use and is it indicative of your usual style? 

JT - I normally spend a while finding the right tracks for my mixes, in order to give them a good sense of direction. I prefer using Traktor alongside CDJs as it gives me more versatility. 

IV - What are the special ingredients within the mix? Is it full of exclusives or any special weapons included? 

JT - There's a few exclusives in there and it ends with my edit of 'Take a Chance' by Pleasure, which should be getting released soon on vinyl! 

IV - Finally, what is your connection to the island and what are your thoughts on Ibiza? 

JT - I've been to Ibiza twice when I was younger and played at a sunset bar. Ibiza’s a very lively island and I hope to be able to play there this year.

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