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Ibiza Voice Podcast 539 :: Jesse Calosso

History has a habit of repeating itself and that's no more apparent than in the DJing career of Jesse Calosso.

The latest artist to step from a rich pool of talent in the Bronx, which already counts The Martinez Brothers as its most famous, recent offspring. The ties between them run deep. Calosso and the Martinez Brothers fathers were friends back in the days of legendary club, the Paradise Garage and when they reunited a friendship, their sons eventually became friends also.

The Bros rocketed to success at a frighteningly young age, playing clubs in New York long before they were old enough to enter as paying guests. But it wasn't until they became residents at DC10 in 2011 that their careers went to the next level. Calosso soon became their tour manager and began opening shows for the duo as their warm up DJ. His gig resumé is stacked with wish-list clubs, all of which he approaches with a cool, easy going demeanour. For these Bronx boys, house music is life and like the Bros, Calosso takes it all in his stride.

Ibiza Voice: What's new with you?

Jesse Calosso: I’m just getting settled in back home in New York. It’s been a busy summer in Ibiza. I played Circoloco at DC10 a couple times as well as a Tuskegee party there also. I played two Paradise shows, two Black Coffee parties at Hï Ibiza, a Vatos Locos at Underground and got to play in other parts of Europe also. I’ve also been trying to get a lot of music done.

How did you record the mix?

I used Traktor on my Macbook with an S4 controller and recorded [the mix] through Traktor. [Musically] it’s just a fun, groovy mix with one of my newest releases on there and some old, unreleased productions and some edits.

Where do you get your music from?

Honestly, I haven't been hitting the record shops much lately. I recently went to Rush Hour in Amsterdam. Also, my boy works at Halcyon in NYC, so I try to go there. Lately, I’ve been getting music from Juno and Beatport and making a lot of edits.

Tell us about your music collection?

I was fortunate to inherit a big collection from my Dad. He has a huge collection [which includes] a lot of disco and early house stuff, and a mix of everything from jazz to rock ’n’ roll, to funk, to Frank Sinatra. We still go back to it for samples. He always has a new idea for me. I've collected more techno and house stuff.

A lot of people's parents have no clue about dance music, your Dad had an attic full of disco gems and used to go to the Paradise Garage. How did his knowledge influence you over the years?

It definitely has influenced the style of music I make because I like to sample the old disco loops. And at after parties, the disco always finds its way out and people can't help but dance.

Tell us about the scene you came up in?

I started going out around 16 years old. I would go to gigs with the Martinez Brothers whenever they played in Jersey or the city. We went to clubs like Cielo, Provocateur, Deko Lounge, Surf Club, and Pacha.

Describe your friendship with the Martinez brothers?

I met the Bros when I was about 14 or so. We didn't hit it off right away. But then I remember them moving upstate near me. They taught me and my bro how to DJ. I remember hanging out after school, we would always just be mixing in the basement. And [we’d] also get some games of basketball in. Other than the occasional video games, we are usually always working on some type of music.

How did you start out DJing?

My brother wanted to be a DJ and the Bros came over to teach him and I ended up learning as well. I stuck with it. I eventually ended up tour managing for the Bros and got to open up some shows for them. I got to play some cool places in that first year like Fabric in London and Panorama Bar in Berlin.

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