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Visionquest co-founder Lee Curtiss first appeared on the Ibiza Voice podcast series all the way back in 2008. Since then he has experienced pretty much everything that dance music has to offer, in Ibiza and beyond..

A larger than life character, Lee recently relocated to Los Angeles and has been busy making new beats and helping steer the Visionquest label.

Welcome back to Ibiza Voice, Lee Curtiss

Ibiza Voice - What format did you use to mix this set? 

Lee Curtiss - This mix was done with mostly digital music, and a couple of vinyl rips. I mixed it in my studio on Ableton. Ive actually learned to enjoy preparing a studio mix.

IV - What has been taking up your time, both on a solo tip and also as part of Visionquest?

LC - I've been busy with solo dates in the US and South America. I'm planning to head overseas toward the end of summer. I recently moved to Los Angeles, and have been enjoying it thoroughly, but am definitely missing The Island already this year. I'm working out when I'll be out there now. Visionquest has been charging on as a label with a VERY impressive release schedule. There's too many great records to mention, but we're extremely happy with our line up through fall. As a group, we've selected some major cities, clubs and dates to do performances. It's going to be a great summer.

IV - Tell us about the special theme within this mix - is it a snapshot of your usual style? Are there lots of silky smooth synth jams in there?

LC - The theme was simple, give the listeners a storyline for a night out. It starts out a little smooth and grooving, but goes 'party time' in the 1st 1/3. I tried to picture the mix taking places at different times of day, at different parties I've played in Ibiza.

IV - What is next for you moving forward into summer- what records and dates do you have coming up?

LC - I'm working on an album with some very talented artists in Los Angeles, that is going to make some serious noise. It should be ready for fall. I've also got material with Lee Foss and a solo EP I'm wrapping up for Visionquest. I've been working tirelessly in the studio again, and it's felt great.

Thanks for inviting me for the mix, I was really happy with the way it turned out, and I hope enjoy.

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