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Behind the decks since 1995 and a whole life dedicated to the world of music, Lele Sacchi is now internationally recognised as one of the icons of Italy's electronic, house and alternative music scene.

Ibiza Voice - Lele thanks for joining us for some podcast magic. Where are you and what are you up to?

Lele Sacchi - Im in Milano right now which is my city and my base. As usual working on my dates, my radio show, the promotion of my club nights in between travelling for gigs.

IV - What is the scene like in Italy these days? What's hot at the moment and where?

LS - Italy has always been one of the hottest club scene worldwide, it has its ups and downs and its changes of trends but comparing it to a lot of other countries it has always been very successful. At the very right moment I feel that unfortunately a lot of younger kids are not willing to spend a lot on club nights for different reasons, because they don’t have a lot in their pockets and tend to spend it on a weekend away to festivals and big events all around Europe.

It’s a bit of a trend everywhere and I understand it: when I was a kid in the 90’s I loved to come to the UK in the summer to check the festivals etc…Inside Italy I have to say that Milano right now is probably the hottest city for clubbing with a very varied offer for small and big events. Plus it’s the city that eventually gave the world electronic artists as different as Tale Of Us or Crookers or Fabio Monesi. It shows the diversity it can offer.

IV - Tell us about this mix - what sort of styles does it follow and did you mix it digitally? Is it a typical mix for you?

LS - This mix is a live recording of my dj set at Il Muretto, Jesolo - Venice, one of the most historical house/techno big clubs in Europe. It’s recorded on April 30th before Dixon took over but with the club in full swing. So it’s a proper big room electronic house set. With a 22 years experience on my shoulders, I can play varied styles depending on crowd / club / festival. But always keeping that swing that stays in-between house, electronics and some indie/psychedelic background I have.

IV - What's the special ingredient within the mix? Are there exclusives in there or some of your own tracks?

LS - There were quite a lot of advance tunes when it was recorded, having the weekly radio show on Rai Radio2 (the national FM here like BBC in the UK), I have the luck to receive most of the music upfront. No music of mine here as I tend to produce a deeper shade of house than this on record.

IV - Will you be heading to Ibiza this year? What's your schedule like?

LS - Yes I will definitely play Circoloco again for the third time in a row and also one gig at Hi. Then let’s see if something else happens!

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