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Ibiza Voice Podcast 524 :: Marco Faraone

Marco Faraone is one of the latest white-hot talents to emerge from Italy's - seamlessly endless - techno conveyor belt. He's resident at Music On at Amnesia and Tenax in Italy and the founder of the UNCAGΞ label founder, but is likely known to most via releases and incendiary event performances for Drumcode. Marco Faraone arrives in summer 2017 as one of the most in-demand acts Europe has to offer.

Ibiza Voice podcast 524 - tracklisting

01. Abstract Matters - Neighbors
02. Kerri Chandler - Turn Off The Lights (Who s Afraid Of The Dark) (DJ Deep & Romain Poncet Remix)
03. Marco Faraone - Offside [Tenax Recordings]
04. Iron Curtis - Maple
05. ZKY - Tiny Moves
06. Mennie & Julien Sandre - Mutations
07. Nina Kraviz - Pochuvstvui
08. Donato Dozzy, Carola Pisaturo - B.B.
09. ELON - KINK 
10. Rithm and Sound - Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)
11. Ruff Stuff - Wolves And Saints
12. Herva - Slam The Laptop
13. Untidy - Untidy003
14. Slam - Spirit


How's your year been?
This year has been amazing for me and decisive for my career. I've got my first Ibiza residency at Music On at Amnesia, invited by Marco Carola, one of my heroes. Words can't describe the feeling I have to play there every time. Besides that, I have my own residency at Tenax, maybe the most influential clubs in Italy where I try to play as much as I can. 
How did you create the mix?
I mixed it with CDJs  and an Allen & Heath Xone 92 in just one take with no editing. I never play super hard music in my mixes. What I play in the clubs is not necessarily what I like to play in a podcast. I think it could be a different way of expression.

Where do you  source your music from? 
I search everywhere, most of the times Discogs and favourite record stores like Viniil, the best record store in Florence. I buy vinyl every week and when I have time, I go in person to the store and spend hours listening to new records. Sometimes, travelling with records is not easy, half of the times they lose my bags or in many clubs the turntables are not properly working so I'm very picky with the clubs where I play vinyl. I always record the records and bring the files in my hard disk or when I buy them digitally. The important thing is the music, not the way you play it.
You have an interesting musical family: tell us about how they influenced you?
My father was DJing on radio back in the 80's and my granpa was a folk singer and guitar player. I've been around the music industry since the very beginning of my life. I think this is the "spark" that influenced me and brought me into the scene.
Describe the scene for us in Tuscany? 
Tuscany is amazing. Besides the nightlife, the culture of the area is very beautiful. TENAX club in Florence, is one of the most legendary clubs in Italy. This place celebrated 35 years in the business! I think is amazing to see that a club can run with success for such a long time. I have listened to the best DJs in the world there and this is how i built my musical taste. The DJ who made me in love with electronic music is Laurent Garnier, a real DJ that is able to play every kind of music to a very high standard, creating a magic atmosphere. Not everybody can do it in my opinion.
Tell us about your history with Tenax?  
When i started DJing 15 years ago, playing Tenax was the dream of every DJ. Playing there was almost impossible and unreachable. Nobody was not even allowed to get into the DJ booth and since I was very young I used to go there with my friends to party and it was even difficult to get in, the door selector was very strict. Tenax booked a huge variety of artists and plotted every kind of music style. Florentine people are really lucky to have such a club in their city. Nowadays, it is still the most influent club in Italy and the crowd is very diverse and well educated compared to many other parties in my country.
What's the hardest challenge you faced in your career?
 I didn't have an easy development. Everything was very difficult for me and I really had to work hard to build my own profile into the scene. Sadly this world is full of "double face." People, who only care about they're own thing. One day they need you "and you are the number one" and another day they forget you. Dealing with so many people like this, i think is the most difficult and sadly something that we have to do everyday.
Catch Marco next at his Music On residency at Amnesia Ibiza,  Awakenings next ADE party and or for more dates click here

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