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Mathias Kaden's pure energy and enthusiasm, when performing, is one of the many reasons behind his enduring popularity.

As a key component in the Freude Am Tanzen, Cocoon Ibiza and Watergate families, Mathias is undoubtedly one of Germany's finest electronic exports of the last decade..

Ibiza Voice - Mathias, thanks for joining the podcast series. What have you been up to and where were you when you recorded this mix? 

Mathias Kaden - I recorded this mix last week in my home studio. Between daily producing, it is a nice inspiration to play a DJ set to get maybe more inspiration for my own productions! 

IV - Is this set a typical snapshot of your usual style? 

MK - Actually this is a typical snapshot of the music I'm into it right now. I played this set in a more quiet fashion and not as enthusiastically as I am when i play in front of people

IV - What's the flavour of the mix, and are there any exclusives in there? 

MK - I've actually included some new music of mine, the originals and remixes, plus music I love from other artists of course.

IV - How was it mixed? Did you commit this mix via vinyl or was it mixed digitally? 

MK - I made this mix using 3 CDJs and my old Technics mixer. My favourite.

IV - Are you a fan of Ibiza? What is your fondest or earliest memory of the White Isle? 

MK - I'm still a fan of Ibiza, I had amazing times there. The first time I visited the island was around 2004. I remember my first gig for Monza at Space. Plus all the great years I spent playing for Cocoon in Amnesia and the long Cocoon after-parties. It was unforgettable.  

IV - In terms of your productions and remixes, what's coming up for you in the rest of 2017? 

MK - I'm touring a lot this year and besides the playing out, I'm releasing some new remixes next month on Hot Creations and more will follow end of the year. Plus, in September I'm releasing my new EP on Josh Wink´s Ovum Recordings imprint.

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