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Mihalis Safras Biography here...

Ibiza Voice - Mihalis, welcome to the Ibiza Voice podcast fold. For those that don't know, tell us about your sound...

Mihalis Safras - I would say that my sound is nasty house... that's it.

IV - This podcast is a live set from Lost Beach - tell us about the mix and the approach to this event?

MS - What can anyone say about Lost Beach! It's not strange that any DJ that has visited Montanita has only good things to say. The club is amazing and this recorded set was on a random Monday for an unannounced event. Still that made no difference as my main event club was ultra packed with great energy. I highly recommend anyone to go. DJ or party animal, all are welcome!

IV - What are the special ingredients of this mix? 

MS - I made this mix with both CDJs and turntables. For me, this mix was a special one as I rarely DJ with both. Some unreleased tracks of mine are included in this somewhere too.

IV - Tell us about your relationship with Ibiza and your connection to the island. Will you be heading across to Ibiza much this season?

MS - Last year I was voted as Best Newcomer on the white isle at the Ibiza DJ Awards, so that makes me wanna visit Ibiza every week for this summer.

Luckily the Do Not Sleep crew have invited me to the day events at Cuckoo Land and also at Sankeys. There are more events to be announced too!

IV - Finally, what are your plans moving forward for the rest of the year?

MS - So far I feel quite confident that 2017 will be an amazing year both release and events wise with releases on Hot Creations, titled Emerald City & Relief.

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