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Ibiza Voice Podcast 542 :: PBR Streetgang
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Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe have been making moves as PBR Streetgang for almost a decade.  Their long-awaited debut album ‘Late Night Party Line’, has been announced for release next year and features guest vocals by Mattie Safer from The Rapture, Danielle Moore and James Baron from Crazy P and hotly tipped newcomer Lilly Juniper. Making the album has been a complete labour of love for the duo and a perfect opportunity to have them debut on the Ibiza Voice podcast series.


Ibiza Voice: How did you record the mix?

Tom from PBR Streetgang: We went back to basics  – turntables, CDJs and a Rane rotary mixer. Nothing was pre-planned, we tried not to think too much about what what to play. We just put together tracks we are feeling at the moment.

Where do you get your music from? 

We try and mix it up when searching for and buying music. I’d love to be able to go record shopping in person but most of it I buy online these days. Phonica, Picadilly, Juno, Hardwax, ands Discogs are my normal outlets for vinyl. Bleep, What People Play, and Bandcamp for the digital stuff.

I spend a fair few hours digging each week, I love finding new undiscovered acts and labels. Recently I’ve been buying a lot of older, Japanese disco stuff.

I’m very select with the promos. There’s so much out there, and truthfully I’m not into a lot of it.

Tell us about your record collection?

I have absolutely no idea how many records I own! I imagine it’s a fair amount. I began collecting when I started taking DJing seriously, which was around twenty years ago. Those early years were probably my favourite. The weekend ritual of visiting record stores and spending most of your money on vinyl. It was more of a community thing back then, everyone had to visit shops to get their fix, so you’d quickly become friends with the staff and other vinyl heads. It's actually how I met Bonar in a record store in Birmingham, sharing a pile of records!

I’ve all kinds of things on my shelves, mainly different variations of house and disco but other genres and styles too.

Do any of these records tell a story about you? 

I think my collection in it’s entirety tells an in depth story about me and my musical influences and history. There’s so many sub genres within it, which obviously creates a picture of what I’m all about!

I’ve definitely got some right howlers in there! Some weird sub genres that I latched onto that just haven't dated well! We all did that when we were young and starting out, didn’t we!

Tell us about the scene you came up in, how did it influence you? 

Our mutual fascination and love for the disco scene was the main thing that brought us together. It has, and continues to have, a huge influence on our music!

That, and also growing up in Leeds contributed in shaping us. The scene up here is, and has been strong for many years – Basics’s 26th birthday over the weekend speaks volumes. There’s a number of now house hold names that have come from the city – Paul Woolford, Midland, Laura Jones, Denney. The force is strong with us up here!

How did you approach writing the album?

We’d been talking about writing an album for around three years prior to starting it. There was a loose plan but we didn’t want to restrict ourselves too much.

Going from making EPs, which are essentially tracks made for clubs, to approaching something which is more about a listening format was exciting at this stage of our career.

Looking back, it was obvious we both were itching to make an LP. From the first session everything just flowed quickly and effortlessly. We each brought ideas to the table, bounced off one another, and just wrote. We worked solidly for around six to eight weeks.

How did the collaborations come about?

We have four collaborations on the album. Jim Baron and Dani Moore from Crazy P fame doing one each. Lilly Juniper, and Matty Safer (The Rapture) on two more.

Jim and Dani were always in our thoughts. They’re both very good friends and obviously being the huge talents they are, well let’s just say that was a no brainer really!

Lilly just came about by chance. We first discovered her through a Sky advert, where she covered ‘True Colours’, Then realised she worked around the corner from Tom in a Frame gym, so just got in touch.

Matty was on a list after making ‘Everything Changes’. We created a hit list of people who we thought could nail the vocal, and sent him the track – fortunately for us, he liked it. 

Did you face any challenges along the way?

Only which brand of buscuits to accompany the thousands of cups of tea.

Did you have any major inspirations guiding you?

We had to do it pretty quickly as Bonar was expecting his first son! 

How important is the scene in Croatia to what you do? Is it ever going to replace Ibiza?

Yeah we have a real fondness for Croatia. Next year will be our twelfth year straight so clearly really like it.

It’s got all the right ingredients and also still feels very untouched. It’s less about the VIP and more about the basics; good people and good music.

I don’t think it will ever replace Ibiza. It is a totally different thing, but it’s now firmly on the map and rightly so. It just means there’s an alternative party destination than Ibiza. Healthy competition is a positive for the scene.

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