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Ibiza Voice Podcast 571 :: Politics of Dancing
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Politics of Dancing are a veteran pair from Paris who are as relevant now as ever. Guillaume Paco and David Matarasso have years of experience of putting on parties in the French capital and a real understanding of groove. They run their own label of the same name, and deal in house and techno that goes deep and takes them round the world. Here we speak to them about what makes their partnership work, the politics of their own career, ask about the Parisian scene and get some info on the mix they have served up for our series

Ibiza Voice - When did you get together? What makes it work? Are you the same or different?
Politics of Dancing - We’ve known each other and been playing together for fifteen years, and then we decided to start to make music and put out some records five years ago.

Who does what in the studio? Do you have certain roles and specialties or do you both do it all? 
We do everything together.

And in the DJ Booth, do you communicate and plan sets, or talk about direction, or is it all just intuitive?
Very intuitive. We dig tracks together all the time and then we let it flow during our sets. 

Do you ever try and stick each other up? Pick a tough one, a wild one, a real classic that’s hard to beat so the other has a challenge to follow?
Not really because we share all our music and thoughts. Sometimes we like to surprise each other but always in a nice way. The main challenge is to please the crowd in the right way.

As people with a long involvement in the Paris scene – what is it like right now? Thriving? Are new producers and DJs and parties coming through?
Yes the scene is really exciting at the moment, with clubs like Concrete and really good new producers. Quality House music as always been strong on the Parisian scene. 

What are the main politics of dancing you have had to overcome? What have been your biggest challenges? 
The main challenge for us is to keep focused on doing our thing. Music is evolving really fast, and sometimes it’s a struggle to run a label, there’s a lot to do. Multi-tasking is always a big deal. We are artists, and business wise, it gets sometimes a little tricky. 

About the label - what the aim? To release dance floor music, or nurture artists and release stuff that lasts longer? Do you recruit anyone who sounds good or must you be friends and have similar life views?
Always to release quality house music. We think, with the experience, that it’s quite a challenge to make and release music just the way you like it, and stick to your beliefs and aims without being influenced. We make music with our friends because we love their sound and we release other artists because we love what they do.

How did you record the mix and what equipment did you use?
We usually record our mixes as we play in clubs (back to back) in our Basement with 2 turntables technics MKII , 2 CDJs, an XONE:92 mixer and KRK for the speakers… We record on a ZOOM N4H

Was there an aim for it from the start, did you have a certain thing to say, certain records to play, a sound to represent?
We are always excited when it comes to share new stuff we dig, we made or we are about to release, and classics we loved to play for a long time. Sharing music and pleasing people is the aim. 

Where do you get your music from and how long do you spend looking for it each week? 
We go everywhere. Record shops in Paris (Yoyaku, Techno Import, Smallville, Syncrophone…), Discogs, and anytime we have the occasion when we travel. It’s a full time job : )

What else have you got coming up?
We have the new P.O.D CROSS coming out today, a collaboration between Politics Of Dancing x D’julz x Oleg Poliakov.

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