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Ibiza Voice Podcast 536 :: Randall (acid house set)
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Randall often gets credited in press mentions for being the guy who influenced Andy or Friction. And while that’s partially true, it’s ignorant of his huge contribution to not just drum ’n’ bass, but the early house, techno and rave scene in the UK.

Randall is in truth, a foundation of the UK scene and, at a time when retro sets are all the range, he delivers an acid house mix from the perspective of someone who saw, heard and raved it first hand.

Ibiza Voice: What's new with you?

Randall: I’ve been busy DJing all over the UK and played a few really good parties overseas as well. We just released the latest Various Artists LP project, ‘Pieces Session 2,’ [on his label Mac 2 Recordings] which has been getting some good feedback and support. Big thanks to everyone that supported this project.

How did you record the mix? Was there a particular theme or tactic used?

No, not really. Just two Technics and Serato with vinyl codes, no major equipment used.

Where do you get your music from?

I’m not going to lie, I haven't been record shop hunting for tunes in a long while. I’ve been blessed by the fact that I get a lot of music sent to us from house or grime to techno so basically 360 degree music. Online isn't what I'm on. If there's a tune I really want, I will look for it.

Tell us about your record collection?

I started buying records round '86. From hip hop to loads of albums all across the board, as I got older and wanted to test the waters with different music.

Do any of these records tell a story about you?

Yeah you could say that. Records were bought at special times in my life. Different shops, areas, where I've travelled. My music was the soundtrack to my youth and it’s still growing to this day.

What was going on in your life just before acid house hit?

I was working different jobs in the late 80s, from forklift truck drive, to messenger for a commodity broker firm, which funded my music habit for buying records.

When did the penny drop?

I discovered acid house at the Notting Hill Carnival in '86. It was the game changer for me musically.

Can you recall any stories that illustrate how crazy the early days of rave were?

I was on pirate radio stations back in the day... nearly got arrested by the DTI. At one station, I just missed the Feds raid as we went to the shops to get drinks, lucky we put our records in the car after our set. That was a close one!

You've been in the game a long time and DnB itself has been around the block awhile now, what do you think is the secret to a long career in dance music?

Believe in the music you’re playing. Don't be scared to play out of the box and your comfort zone as a DJ and a partygoer. I just want to hear good music period.

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