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Ibiza Voice Podcast 568 :: Reiss (VBX)
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The Amsterdam scene has never been more fertile than it is now. For every big name festival, record shop and DJ, there are plenty more talents and hotspots to be found once you dig under the surface. One is Reiss, the long time resident at VBX who is starting to break out of his hometown and build a reputation further afield. 

And for good reason: his sets are educated blends of deft rhythms, intricate soundscapes and generally stripped back house sounds that get right into your soul. He can switch it up, of course, depending on whether he’s playing before anyone from Ricardo Villalobos to Zip, but always retains his own identity in the booth; one where softer sounds rule in place of the city’s often harder, more Chicago influenced beats. 

He makes music, too, mostly with Ferro as Spokenn, but only when he has time away from DJing and his day job. For the same reason his Dialegestai label has also been on hiatus for a while after making a seriously strong start with its first two EPs. Rumour has it, though, the label will be back soon with music from more of Reiss's friends. Before that, though, he had time to lay down the latest mix in our series and show us what he’s all about.  

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