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Ibiza Voice Podcast 572 :: Roberto Capuano
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Roberto Capuano is the latest in a long line of techno producers to come from Italy. After more than a decade in the game, he’s settled on his own distinctive sound with releases on titanic labels like Drumcode and Truesoul. His style is a groovy one, with pummelling kick drums rolling down low, and edgy synths bringing a sense of suspense up top. 


In the DJ booth, he mixes up traditional DJing with live music making technologies for a hybrid setup that allows him to really add his own identity to every mix. This summer he will do so at places like Awakenings, as well as releases on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M label and continue to A&R for Naples label Unrilis. Here we ask him about his musical evolution, what it means to be an Italian techno producer and more besides. 


Ibiza Voice - You have now been producing ten years. How has your sound evolved in that time? 


Roberto Capuano - As life evolves, it’s the same for all musicians. Of course, if I listen to my very first productions immediately the first thing that I notice is the sounds, they have a different approach with arrangements and designs… but I can still recognise my imprint on it.


As you became a bigger DJ and played bigger events, did that affect your production style? 


I don’t think that people produce great music because of the current status in their career. I personally did good music before starting to play in certain events or profile gigs. But yes of course after you have been around for a while it affects you positively; on the way how you go into the studio, the way you produce, you come across many legends playing or you have to listen to their experience or their advice and this helps to improve yourself. As we all know the most important thing is to listen to a lot of music, simple. 


Tell us about your hybrid DJ/live set up.


Sure! It consists of a laptop, X1, and Push. It’s simple but I love to jam with it because I use Traktor and Ableton at the same time. So I can add to the tracks, vocals, fx, building real tempo beats, It’s a lot of fun.


Do you think being Italian means you have a certain characteristic to your sound? 


Yes I think so, but being Italian is very generic and I'm not sure you can define your sound by that. In my case, I'm from Naples and the same as Detroit or Berlin, our sound is very well known worldwide because we have our own identity characterised by a very warm bass-line and funky groove.


It’s summer - does techno work as well outdoors, in hot weather, as in dark clubs, do you think?


Yeah it depends on which kind of techno you are going to play. For me it doesn't make any sense to play a very dark and industrial techno set in a sunny open air festival, or maybe in a beach party. Music transmits a different kind of vibe to people, it takes you to a journey and every record that you play has to be right. 


How did you record the mix and what equipment did you use?


I did a studio mix just with my normal setup… a laptop, X1 and Push.


Was there an aim for it from the start, did you have a certain thing to say, certain records to play, a sound to represent?


Basically the mix is orientated on what I love to play in that period.


Where do you get your music from and how long do you spend looking for it each week?


I receive a lot of promos, and this is the main resource for my music, but I use to buy a lot of it as well on digital. I usually spend one to two days every week researching new records.


What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?


In regards to gigs, for sure I am looking forward to my debut at Awakenings Festival in June. It was one of my career goals and I am so happy that this year I will be part of one of the best techno festivals in the world! Also I will play in August in the first edition of Drumcode Festival in Amsterdam b2b with Luigi Madonna and some shows in Ibiza at Sankeys.


Regarding music, I just released an EP on Suara that is called ‘Define’ EP, plus another one on Unrilis, where I am still doing A&R for our Naples based label. And I'm also looking forward to my remix on Monika Kruse’s label Terminal M. It’s for the Italian producer Alex Mine and there is also a version from the legendary Carl Cox!


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