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Ibiza Voice Podcast 573 :: Valentino Kanzyani
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Valentino Kanzyani is a pivotal figure in the Slovenian techno scene and has been for years. A dedicated collector of vinyl who still plays all vinyl sets, he has a driving, linear sound that gets you under its spell with cues from acid, psychedelia, minimal and tribal when in the booth, but also the studio. As such, he’s released a wealth of music over the last 18 years on respected labels from Cadenza and Tronic to Intec and Jesus Loved You, the label he has run since 2015. 

He has also just started a new project with friends under the Luckison banner—which he talks about here—and recently played a set in an old castle. A recording of it is what makes up his podcast for us, so stick it on and read an intro into of techno lesser known but vital figures, as well as getting a picture on his beloved Slovenian scene. 



Ibiza Voice - How are you, how is summer treating you? What's good, what’s bad? 

Valentino Kanzyani - I’m having a great summer, a lot of nice gigs behind me and hot nights coming up in the next weeks. So far things are better when the sun is shining. Good things are definitely playing under the skies on open air gigs, travelling, seeing friends around the whole world. Under 'bad' can be considered the long waiting times and queues at the airports when travelling to gigs.


You seem to have slowed down on the release front, why is that? Too busy DJing? Are you OK with that or would you rather put out more music? 

Actually, I put out two records in the last year for my label “Jesus Loved You”, both releases are vinyl only, no digital promotion was done, not to spoil the originality of finding records. In the meantime, me and my friends started a new project called Luckison, that developed also into a label with the same name. We are launching the first release in September with the same concept – vinyl only and no digital promotion. You can hear one of the tracks in the set. I also did a lot of tracks in the studio, which I use for now to enrich my current DJ sets. I also stopped working with other labels, because I want to focus on my own things. I do remixes now and then, but I prefer not to accept too many requests.


Slovenia doesn’t often pop up in conversations about dance music. What are we missing? Is there a good scene? 

Our scene is very small, but the positive thing about being small is that you have a really intimate vibe. Every guest we invite to play, notice immediately and feel very special about it. Everyone feels very welcome and appreciated and also “home”. I can tell you what DJs are telling us after having those experiences in Slovenia: They really wanna come back, independent of the budget. Some even pay their own flight, as it happened to me in some special places as well!

The reason why they want to come back is that the vibe that they get from the crowd is full of energy and positive vibrations. It fulfils the whole place. We also have an amazing sound system developer, who always cooperate with us called “BORIS Sound System”. There is also no limit with closing times. Our special locations should definitely also be mentioned: Slovenia is well known for its nature, lakes, rivers and mountains.


What sounds are popular there, does it have its own niche?  

Definitely the sound in Slovenia is shaped by the new generation of diggers that are spending a lot of their time to find their special emotional energetic sounds, that are difficult to find, or they were forgotten and now after 25 years they just sound perfect to create a special positive Slovenian sound. We like to play long sets, so DJs can express their variety of genres and each one can express also their uniqueness. So, I must say, that even though we are small we have a very interesting music scene happening. 


The mix was recorded live in a fortress right - did you plan for the gig? Did that setting make you want to play a certain way? 

I never plan for specific gigs, but I always refresh my record case. I don’t change it all, but I always put some records out and some new in. It also depends on the mood, which I feel when playing on that weekend inspired by places I am going. The setting of the fortress and the crowd, which was there definitely inspired me to play this certain way.


How did the set go now you listen back? Were you happy with how you played? How often is that the case? 

I’m definitely happy about the selection of music, mixing is maybe not perfect but was doing the job when I performed live. The original set was three hours, unfortunately the recording stopped after 1 hour 20, because of technical problems. Of course, when you are listening to the recordings, you pay much more attention and you don’t feel the vibe which was in the room when it was performed, so you can hear little mistakes, that were not audible at the moment of the happening. 


It's an all vinyl mix - why is that your chosen format? 

It’s the original format I start to DJ with, I play vinyl in clubs for more than 26 years. Of course, it is my favourite format, because I’m used to it, but I don’t mind using digital as well. So I also have a hard drive with me full of music I can play on CD players. But for this occasion, I was inspired to play just vinyl. 


Where do you get your music from and how long do you spend looking for it each week? 

My music I mostly get from the internet. I’m searching in online record shops and then buying from Discogs sellers. I also get a lot of music from my friends, especially when we are playing long sets there is always a lot of music to discover and when you ask your friend passionately “what is this record”, you always get an answer ;) 


What else have you got coming up?

I already mentioned our new project Luckison, that we use for organising parties and making music as a team of producers, DJ'ing as a team of DJs, also starting to make a live performance as a group and also having it’s gonna be one year in October that we have our booking agency under the same name. So luck is on!


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