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Vinyl Speed Adjust Biography here...

Amid the country’s burgeoning electronic music scene, Eddy and Levii are fast becoming recognised as two of Romania’s finest future exports.

Hailing from the capital Bucharest, their innovative sound epitomises the phrase 'let the music do the talking', and can best be described as experimental, percussive and innately intelligent. 

However, on this occasion, we wanted the music AND the boys to do the talking. Here is what the talented duo had to tell us...

Ibiza Voice - For those who are unaware: please introduce yourselves. Who are Vinyl Speed Adjust?

VSA - Hello, we are a Romanian duo based in Bucharest. We started making music around 2009 as a hobby and after releasing a few records, we started receiving a lot of interest in what we were doing.

Since then we’ve released 15 EPs, all on vinyl, and worked with some really inspirational labels, such as Pressure Traxx, Visionquest and Jesus Loved You.

We’ve also been able to share our music with likeminded people, in some amazing places all over the World, from New York and Miami to Berlin and Barcelona; something we never initially envisaged when we started-out, so its been a great journey so far...

Ibiza Voice - As your name would suggest; did you mix this set using vinyl?

VSA - Yes of course, we always mix vinyl, you won’t find us arriving at a gig without a selection of records to spin! We have a refined collection of oldies that we usually love to play in clubs, such as Hexagone – Burning Trash Floor, NAD – Distant Drums / Sphere and Drexciya – The Return of Drexciya. There is also a lot of vinyl that we like to listen to in our studio when we’re just chilling, and to also get some inspiration from as part of the creative process for our productions.

We love the contrast between new and old in music and explore different areas and styles – we hope you can hear that in both our releases and our sets.

Ibiza Voice - Romania has become a jewel in the European circuit with a wealth of great DJs and a unique scene coming out of the country- what was it that kick started the scene? And how difficult was it to maintain in the early days?

VSA - Yes, Romania became a little 'factory' that exports new talents every year, and we are happy to be part of this scene. We believe that the sound Romanians promote is quality, inspirational and original. We think that the roots of this 'phenomena' were good and quality parties which we had the chance to take part and, of course, some great DJs and musicians who have cultivated this rich vein of success.

Our philosophy, when both producing and DJing, is to create a journey, we never produce a record or play records just for the sake of that individual record. We always have in our mind ideas as to how each track will fit into the bigger picture of a musical voyage, whether this be in our own live DJ performance or someone else’s.

Like most Romanian DJs we like to play extended sets, and in fact we are now only accepting shows where we have a minimum of 3 hours playing time, as we don’t feel that we’re able to deliver a complete musical experience if it is any less than this.

Ibiza Voice - Tell us about the special theme within this mix - is it a snapshot of your usual style or are there some special ingredients in this mix?

VSA - As we’ve already mentioned, we like to always share both old and new music, and this is typical of our approach to both producing and mixing – fusing inspiration from the past with new ideas. Hopefully you will feel this resonates through the way we’ve pieced together the mix for you.

Ibiza Voice - What is next for your guys moving forward into summer- what records and dates do you have coming up?

VSA - We are very pleased to have been invited to release our second EP for the excellent Pressure Traxx, which is due out this summer. PT0019 will be a special edition 10 inch, something we feel very privileged to have had the honor of producing for one of our favorite labels.

We also have an EP due out soon, featuring two original tracks from ourselves, with remixes from Nima Gorji and Volkan Akin, as well as a full ep on Nima's imprint - NG Traxx. We have some material prepared for our own labels VSA Records and Crystal Structures, which should be ready before fall of 2017, and we’re working on EPs for both Infuse and Butch’s Otherside Records. It’s been a busy year in the studio, but well worth the effort!

Gigs wise, you can catch us playing in Motoco, Moscow and Paris over the coming weeks, so hopefully we’ll see some of you along the way.

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