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Go BackDC10 CIRCOLOCO RE-OPENING PARTY MONDAY 25/06. Thanks to all who supported, and fought for our rights to party!

Posted: 20/6/07 13:35

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 Remember this "Ibiza woke up to ugly news for clubbers this morning: a whiplash Government mandate to shut down DC10 for the next two months and Amnesia and Bora Bora for the next month, effective immediately...

Its official now, from extremely reliable sources, DC10 CIRCOLOCO will re- open this Monday 25/06. Ibiza is not dead! "We´re back in action says Andrea Pelino, Circoloco head honcho". Ibiza Voice thank you all who supported and fought for our rights to party, it´s been crucial in this difficult time. Your voice made the difference when trying to solve the problem with the authorities... We hope Amnesia and Bora Bora to re -open as soon as possible. Shouldn´t be too long now.

Words by The Voice