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Go BackScreams & crimes at Mulletover.

Posted: 8/11/07 11:04

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In the warm September months, while closing party posters littered the streets and holiday makers seemed to be less obnoxiously pissed, everyone was waiting for one thing.

We patiently counted down the days, tongues-a- hanging and tails-a-wagging. Then, when the special day finally came, all it took was a few men in a uniform to bring our tails to a quick halt and tears to our puppy dog eyes.

The cancellation of Mulletover's grand finale was without a doubt in the top most depressing moments of the summer, alongside running out of money and boarding the flight home. But roll on a month and we don't care anymore. That is old news. We have finally managed to brush off the resentment because we are now at Mulletover's Halloween Fancy Dress Party in London Kings Cross. Okay, it's no stunning beach on a certain Spanish island, but it is still a damn good party.

As we walk up to the entrance, following the ever familiar sound of a repetitive deep bass echo and animated chatter, the venue screams 'fun' in a very Halloween like shriek. Alongside the industrial arches of the Canvas is a canopy under which a lively swarming mass of face paint, blood and comedy props create an energetic buzz that is only capable from a party that is about to get very, very good. Under the night sky nuns stumble around laughing, angels pose while smoke spills out of their red lips and blood stained victims laugh at their mate who has just tripped up.

W hile walking into the heaving main room, where Cocoon's Meat is blowing the freakishly clad crowd into pieces with his mixture of minimal techno and more up tempo tech house, 'Dr. Death' spanks my bum with his blood covered spandex gloves. He gives me a cheeky wink over the top of his baby blue facial mask as he excitedly yelps, "What a venue eh ?" Normally I wouldn't stand for this sort of sexist slap, but seeing as he is looking like he may be able to rip my rib cage apart, as it seems he has done to many others this evening judging by his blood stained uniform, and admittedly, what he says about this spot is spot on, so I let him swagger off unharmed by my plastic pirate sword.

Over in the smaller, yet lighter room, the We Love... DJs are adding a delicious side dish to the beefy Meat beats next door, taking us right back to the summer of closed down parties with their Balearic musical style. After a moments exploring down a wide brick alley way I find a handy little sofa, which looks slightly more battered and worse for wear than the people perched on it. I slide into a bum sized space and sit back and watch. Adults in are decked out in an array of hilarious fancy dress, prancing about like children and having a right grand old time. Never do I remember Halloween being this fun when I was a youngster. Screw trick or treating. Scarily, Halloween just got better.


Words by Bridget