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Go BackDevouring the competition: Anthony Collins' Cannibale.

Posted: 22/11/07 13:36

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Anthony Collins isn't cut from the same DJ/Producer fabric that makes up the sonic vestiges of many of his Parisian counterparts.

Born to an American father and French mother, (nationalities that in opposition are a political crisis waiting to happen, together forming in him an intriguing blend of both cultures and sensibilities) his life flipped between New York and the South of France, where solid musical foundations were built before his relocation to the bright lights of Paris. A burgeoning reputation behind decks and desks quickly translated into a leap into the capital's after-hours firmament, and a developing catalogue of utterly addictive house and techno. And thus, this autumn, we arrive at Cannibale.

Following from his limb-shaking partnership with Marc Antona on Micro-Fibres' Sharks EP, he continues on Berlin's Higrade (helmed by underground stalwart Tom Clark) with another pair of mouthwatering twelves that add to his ever-expanding clutch of electronic wizardry.

The first thing that hits you when you listen to Cannibale is the groove. Running through the spine of all of Collins' tracks is an undeniable rhythm - punchy kicks, popping percussion, rolling basslines - you'll be treading on your own foot to stop it shuffling. The idea here may be refreshingly uncomplicated, but the execution is outstanding. As the melody escapes and returns, there's a myriad of tweaks and touches that involve the listener like a passing car-wreck. Try as you will, there's no resisting the urge to get caught up in it.
la Bla Bla, the more sultry flip to Cannibale's come-and-get-me melodies, is everything its throwaway title isn't. Lush synth sweeps and scuffed hats, a brooding insistence and a stop-in-your-tracks breakdown show that with every release Collins' skills are growing further (if you've seen his mind-boggling Final Scratch-Traktor-laptop live sets then you'll need no convincing) with each release. And with an avalanche of work due in the new year, you can guarantee you'll be hearing a lot more from him in 2008.

This groove is here to stay…

Words by Guy Hornsby