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Posted: 20/11/07 11

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This had me at 'Hello'. A good tune doesn't need A grade ears or an enhanced mental capacity to say whether it's good or not. Sometimes you just know. It just is. It's to be expected really, I think if the combined heads of Kenny Hawkes and David Parr weren't churning out stuff this good you'd have cause to gripe. Detailed and layered, subtle, addictive and downright groovy. The Boobytrap is anything but, it's a huge compassing epic net of a track that circles it's willing victims and sucks the listener into a vortex of whirling sounds and acid stabs, recalling so many other dancefloor classics yet still managing to retain enough of its own sound that imitation is not a charge that can be leveled at it.

David Parr is the man behind Stompaphunk, for those who didn't know, and Kenny Hawkes, well he's Kenny Hawkes. Serge Santiago has been caning this all summer and besides including it on his We Love Sundays Ibiza compilation, has decided to slip it out as the next release on his recently resting Archebaleno label. (It means rainbow in Italian - catch up Class!). So far so good, the track more than deserves it and had old Serge not grabbed it some lesser mortal may have. What does beggar belief though, is why Santiago then saw fit to take such a gem of a record and butcher it quite so graphically.

The beauty of the original is in the lightness, the twitchy-toed delicacy of neither being here nor there, not minimal, not house, not trance but just a pure musical medley of pleasant sounds in the right order. The label boss remix however drowns all dithering in a great stinking pile of aggressive beats and ear grating synths that might appeal to those struggling their way out of a k hole - deaf, but to the average 'balanced of hearing' individual will surely only provoke a sharp wince and possibly a finger in each ear. I'd possibly suggest that Santiago has been spending too long playing in the main room of Space in Ibiza on a Funktion One system to appreciate the power of a simple groove and a small room, but that would be bitchy and possibly mean. So I'll just say stick to the original and save your ears.

Words by Jenny Lee