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Go BackCruel cruel summer... Sven's 'Sound of the Eighth Season' makes it sound much better.

Posted: 26/11/07 11

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2007 was not a vintage Ibiza year. And that's not the disgruntled words of an ex-raver well past their prime mumbling in the corner about 'better days'. In the general opinion of the islands workers, players and visitors, it was a strange one. Club closures, 'uber-rich ultra-rude tourism' and copious ketamine kids aside, this island functions on it's music and '007 was the year that we were slightly shaken, but rarely stirred by the tunes resonating around our dancefloors.

Thankfully maestro mixer and Freak Show host extraordinaire Sven Vaeth, in conjuring up his 'Eighth' in the Season series has managed to stir in not only some of the essential ingredients of the past summer, but has also played free and easy with the flavours by dropping in a smidgen of future tastes and spicing the mix up with his own inimitable preferences. And just like a perfectly blended cocktail, the result slips down easily, the mixture of styles organically blended into a sweet tipple with plenty of zing with no sharp aftertaste.

From the nearly 12 minute long intro 'Dub Rider' from 'Radical Majik' to the disturbingly gross art-techno closure of Pepe Bradock's 'Rhapsody in Pain' what could easily just be another merchandising gimmick for the already hugely successful Sven and his label night Cocoon actually delivers an exceptionally stimulating collection of music.

A few of the more obvious names crop up of course, label favourites Alter Ego and Martin Buttrich get a look in, Claude Von Stroke is name checked via a remix and the Carl Craig treatment of Junior Boys' 'Like a Child' that caused a minor stir in the past few months appears too.

But much of the meatier stuff is less obvious. The likes of Jamie Jones, Argy, John Spring or Joris Voorn are not necessarily names immediately associated with Cocoon or Vaeth and when so many of the so called Ibiza compilation are nothing more than PR exercises in label self promotion (you know who you are out there!) then 'The Sound of The Eighth Season' could well be an example others should learn from.

Cocoon Ibiza at Amnesia could eventually become a victim of it's own success, vintage years are not guaranteed, the island is a fickle place, and is associated with a scorpion for that reason. But for those falling into the trap of thinking that the long running Monday nighter is a simply a product of good promotion, great crowd and cracking drugs, look no further than here to set them straight. When it comes to Sven, it's all about the music.


Words by Smac