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Go BackTea for Two? Eulberg & Ananda share pastries and producing for Traum.

Posted: 29/11/07 13:06

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Traum just keep pulling them out of the bag. Anything with Eulberg and Ananda in the credits was bound to be quality, and despite the disturbing and rather incongruous imagery of the two of them perched on Elizabethan stools, china teacups on knees discussing birdwatching stargazing and techno music over Danish pastries, expectations are not disappointed.

A staccato industrial intro bustles NGC101 in, busies itself into a gross cacophony of reverb crescendos and then cuts abruptly out revealing a bare techno bassline that just runs and runs along the next 10 minutes. Blissfully complacent of the breaks that repeatedly bubble through, blow up, then fade back out again; the bass just keeps on running without falter. Anybody who's ever lost themselves in the rave on a dancefloor only to glance around 4 hours later and realize that all their friends have moved on will surely recognize the spirit of this tune. In fact, it should probably come with a public warning label. There is the obligatory Eulberg unidentified frog sample to signal the end approaching, although it could also be some type of wading bird, but even that fails to disturb the magnetism of the piece. Hear this in a club at your peril.

The flip side 'Supernova' is described by Traum as their 'sunset' track. I'd beggar to suggest that they need to get out of the city more, yes, there's some nice tuneful organ chords involved here, but the only sunset I've ever heard anything this hard at was in Goa, and it wasn't soothing then either. Forget the sunset altogether, this is more sunrise though possibly only, again, in Goa.

A bass heavy rhythmic compression of percussion, again building and breaking like tsunamis of sound rolling away to reveal the melodic heart underneath. Harmonic in places certainly but not recommended if you're looking for a bit of balearic chill.Though it's clear to hear the two producers influences in this, their 2nd collaboration, the result is more than a straightforward blend of styles, in fact just like a gently stewed blend of fine tea, the brew takes on a flavour of its own. Perfect for dunking and dancing. Pass the biscuits pleaseā€¦

Words by Smac