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Go BackBlowing the island´s horn... Luc Ringeisen gets his trombone out for the Casse Tete EP

Posted: 10/12/07 12:10

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It isn't very often a trombone comes into play during a minimal techno record, but then it isn't often that something this good comes out of Ibiza in winter either.

Luc Ringeisen in the summer months can generally be found propping up the counter of his Ibiza Town record shop Vinyl Club, when he's not leaning back of the booth at DC10 that is. French originally, but with a bona fide Ibiza resident credibility only earned through winter living, he's currently spending his time in Berlin, aren't they all, popping back and forth to the island when he can. This EP poked it's head out towards the end of the summer and various bits have already has been seized on by fellow island dwellers Jo Mills and Sven Vath for airplay and compilations.

'Les Trombonnes Du Caire' begins with strong minor chords setting the tone before the horns make their appearance, and as soon as they do the main theme of the track takes over, introducing an ethereal muted melody which perfectly subdues them. The entire piece gives the feeling of standing in a mist of dry ice, while ghostly organs and brass instruments fade in and out over the steady beat of the kickdrum. What could be just showy is beautifully subtle. 

A2 'Naif' is similarly low-key though much busier. A tyranny of tuneful bell chimes scurry through the track without pausing for breath creating a constantly changing melody that is striking in it's simplicity.

The flipside is the one that caught the attention of the Cocoon crew. Moody and much darker than the a side the authentic police siren wailing halfway through 'Operative System Malediction' will probably see dance floors running for the cloakroom rather suddenly if they're not expecting it, but that aside, the glockenspiel has rarely sounded so good. 'Slower' decidedly isn't and suffers nothing for that. An upbeat lively number that if I don't hear in DC10 on News Years Day I'll eat my own trombone. Only the 7th release on his Vinyl Club label, but suddenly maturing and proving that there's a lot to come from this little island scene…

Words by Smac