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Go BackRoom Raiding Paris style with Minibar's Milkshake EP1.

Posted: 11/12/07 10:35

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We've all been there. Staggering back to a random hotel room on a promise of plenteous weed and debaucherous sex, arriving to find a space only slightly bigger than the toilet cubicles of the club we just left overflowing with 42 people huddled around 1 cigarette. There's not a drink to be seen and the receptionist mumbles incoherently with a disapproving tone every time the phone is picked up for room service.

So where do you turn in this situation? Who's going to put you back in that happy place you all left not 30 mins ago when all these suspicious looking coat-clad strangers were your best mates ever on the dance floor? What will make it all better? The Minibar of course. The Minibar label is the latest venture from prolific Parisian producer Cabanne (Perlon, Telegraph, Narod Niki) and there's a 12 track Milkshake CD to follow in the New Year, but first up is EP1 featuring 4 unreleased tracks that will later appear on that album.

Label kingpins Cabanne and Spasm are first up at the miniatures, and with 'fraisheur' Jean-Guillaume Cabanne sets the tone for some back-to-my-room bobbling complete with barely audible vocals and rapidly reversing loops that'll slip down nicely with that Jack Daniels and Red Bull concoction that someone managed to knock up earlier.

The unfortunately monikered Spasm warms the party up slightly with the minimalistic jackin' 'Stuffies' before the room really starts jumping with Seuil's 'Dance' which is a perfect groovy jazzy number with an infectious bass line that'll have people pushing back the beds and recreating a club in the hotel room. Inkeeping with the stripped back style, 'Crack Whore' from fellow Parisian club kid Linc still manages to go way off field adding a piece of 'je ne sais quoi' to this collection and making it more than your average underwhelming bag of min.

If this were a soundtrack to what Parisian's are getting up to in hotel rooms across the city then it's a darn sight better than most mini bar's that I've come across recently, 4 solid mixes, not a dodgy packet of peanuts between them and will probably cost you a lot less as well.

Words by Smac