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Go BackRinging in the new... Ibiza celebrates 2008.

Posted: 18/12/07 13:06

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Ibiza doesn't exactly go into hibernation come October, but those who live and breath music and parties do tend to cluster around a handful of nightspots, huddling together for warmth and waiting for the one night that makes the whole winter worthwhile: New Year's Eve.

Anyone who's spent a winter in Ibiza speaks in reverential tones about New Year's Eve. It's the one time in the long, cool months when the island's relative isolation becomes a bonus, ensuring the only faces to be seen are the hardcore music lovers, the old Ibiza hands. The budget airlines get a boost as workers, clubbers, promoters, DJs and just plain partiers snap up flights and flock back to the White Island to enjoy a few days of debauchery in the December sunshine. And suddenly Ibiza town is re-infused with life as bars and restaurants fill up with friends making up for weeks of lost time.

In a sense, the parties are only an excuse for these reunions, but what a brilliant excuse! As in October, the island's most dedicated hedonists will be partying beneath the palm trees at Blue Marlin where Ibiza Voice along with our friends at Zenith Ibiza will be throwing the NYE soiree. Those lucky enough to be there in October will remember it as a sexy, sweat-drenched shindig of gargantuan proportions, where everyone from Kate Moss to the weird girl who carries a cat with her everywhere flocked to see out the season in style.

New Year's Eve will be no different and the DJ line-up will be a selection of the coolest talent the island has to offer. You'll have to turn up to see who that includes, but those who remember the sunset gig at closing or the incendiary turn in the main room will know it's not to be missed. The party kicks off at 11PM and will continue well into the early hours of 2008!

Pacha will be hosting its traditional glamorous send-off to the year, with DJs Kurd Maverick and Angel Linde at the helm. At €250 per ticket, should you opt for the VIP package complete with a table and waitress service, it has the potential to be a memorable bank-buster. (Though you can enjoy the vibe for just €32 for a normal ticket.) For those looking to splash even more cash, promoters Pukka Up are chartering a plane from the UK and hosting a weekend centred around Pacha New Year's Eve party (if you're UK-based and have £350 to spare for a holiday which includes charter flight, accommodation and after party look 'em up).

A newcomer to the New Year's Eve fray is Monza. Their plans were thrown temporarily off course when Heaven shut down, but they are on the verge of confirming a move to Blu, ensuring the island's discriminating tech heads still have a place to party on the thirty-first. The ones, that is, who aren'tclogging up the dancefloor at Underground. As one of the only venues on the island to keep up a regular winter schedule it should be full to bursting as its loyal local crowd is augmented by returning friends from around the world. DJs are TBC but hey, it's Underground, you know you'll get quality.

Come 1 January those still standing will be scrambling into the most anticipated party of the weekend – Circoloco's New Year's Day bash at DC10. Unlike the rather slender line-ups of some of the other nights this one boasts a full compliment of DC10 regulars including Luciano, Rhadoo, Pedro, Tania, Fabrizio, System Of Survival and more. It has a reputation for being the best Circoloco of the year and will surely give everyone lucky enough to be there, enough crazy stories to keep the gossip going till opening!

Ibiza Voice & Zenith Ibiza  - Tuesday the 9th of October @ Blue Marlin Ibiza video.

Words by IV