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Go BackUp the 'Garden' path with Dan Ghenacia.

Posted: 17/12/07 11:08

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There's a reason Dan Ghenacia is the label manager of Freak n Chic. Fair enough, he may have taken 3 years to develop the label's sound, discover and nurture his artists and generally prune and trim his reputation as a first rate party machine both behind, in front of, on and occasionally under the decks across the globe.

But with this, his first solo EP, he quite simply demonstrates that no matter how much fertilizer he spreads on the rest, he is the main attraction and like a lone sunflower sprouting overnight in a sunny spot next to the wall, this release will overshadow the rest of the garden in an instant.
arden begins with an echoing hi-end rolling key sequence, which could sound slightly sinister. Anyone who's heard his DJ set though will recognize the aplomb that sends a quick-step rollicking beat swiftly in, picking it up via some neat dub samples and a few hand claps, and running off down a pure deep and groovy path for a genuine 8 minute journey of twists and turns. It's virtually impossible to listen to this record without imagining the Parisian DC10 posse bobbling their way in front of the DJ booth with Dan's head poking over the top.

Over half way through the record keeps on introducing new elements, an epic chord here, a sweeping wave there, I ever hear a birdcall suspiciously reminiscent of Safari - but who's listening? If the last 3 years were spent practicing to produce this record it was still worth it for the quality achieved in the end.

Cycle is what you put on the B-side when you're incapable of making one. Blindingly original sounds and intricately structured tech house that is impossible not to tap your feet too…. I'm not a big fan of the distorted Blackberry alarm in the middle, which had me scrabbling for my phone, but it's still clever. And if that's the only criticism I can find, then it probably doesn't get much better.

Words by Smac