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Go BackDJ VIBE PRESENTS… A mix from Space as he chats about Kaos Records, sonic hunting, and releasing tracks with Carl Cox

Posted: 28/9/04 0:45

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Tó Pereira (DJ Vibe) is an inspirational figure for many reasons… For example, António’s Portuguese Antena 3 radio show has gained at least 15,000 listeners on Saturday nights since Ibiza-Voice last spoke with Vibe less than a year ago. Yet despite this growing profile, an ambitious DJ Vibe endeavours to exist as an underground entity…

In 2003 António’s record label, Kaos Records, celebrated a 10th anniversary (1992 – 2002) with the release of a compilation in Portugal. However Vibe typically made no song or dance about this passing thrill; instead choosing to keep his head down, moving forward with more concrete productions and enchanting live DJ appearances. Towards the end of 2003, DJ Vibe & Peter Tha Zouk released ‘Solid Texture’ on Clive Henry's Low Pressings imprint and Pereira remixed ‘The Love You Need’ by When Is Dark.

This year Vibe’s been busy DJing the world over, but among other bountiful works he released ‘I'll Take You’ on Twisted America Records and a mix compilation on Star 69. Vibe’s own label meanwhile released another edition to a fruitful series of compilations in Portugal, (‘Algarve 2004’).

Tribal drums, layered rhythms, distinctive synths, and intense earthy beats; we may use these words to describe his sound, but the latest news is that Vibe’s had enough of ubiquitous electro-clash, and has been collaborating with Carl Cox to release tracks… So read on now to discover more, as we unite the words of Pereira with a set of his intoxicating summer sounds from the place called Space, before Vibe returns once more this October…

Greetings, where in the world are you today?
Vibe: “I’m in Brazil, and doing great thanks.”

Since we last spoke in November 2003 you’ve obviously been in the studio and gigging globally, but is there anything else major (or minor) that you’d like to mention musically or otherwise?
“Yes, my website is ready at and is to be launched at the end of September… Music wise, I have had enough of electro-clash, electro-punk, electro-funk, electro this, and electro that...”

We’ve enjoyed a few Vibe productions lately, including a ‘Resonate’ mix (for Calderone & Quayle), but what about your latest original releases and is there an artist album planned?
“I sometimes wonder how some DJs can manage to keep on releasing records every week with a diary of regular gigs around the world. I would like to spend more time in the studio, but I have still managed to get in there quite a lot. I’ve created a new original production called ‘Casagrande’; it’s going to be released through a new label from Carl Cox. I’ve also got an original co-production, together with my friend Tó Ricciardi, called ‘Sonic Hunters’ that is going to be released on Kaos. Then I have a remix of Yoko Ono’sEveryman’ for Twisted America, but I don’t know when I’ll do an artist album yet.”

Are you content with the response to ‘The Underground Sound Of Lisbon’/Star 69 double compilation and how was it mixed?
“Yes I’m very happy with the feedback I’ve received from around the world. It was mixed live, but then had to be edited.”

There don’t seem to be many interviews with you around, considering your devout following; is that because you prefer keeping a low profile?
“I don't pay the media for interviews. Yes, I’d rather stay low profile.”

Indeed, but have you seen this profile we host on you? It’s like an international shrine - people certainly do connect to the Vibe!
(see Dj Vibe page)
“I haven’t seen it yet, but I will go and have a look!”

Kaos Records celebrated 10 years in 2003 with a CD, which you kept typically quiet; how was it and how else did you mark the special occasion
“It’s true 10 years... Unfortunately nothing really has been done to celebrate the occasion. Shame, maybe on the 20th birthday… :-)”

For those unfamiliar, can you educate us on what national radio is like in Portugal and how your popular Antena 3 shows are doing there this year?
“Of course, it hasn’t got the dimensions of BBC Radio 1 with all its listeners… Antena 3 is mainly a radio station for younger people, yet its audience covers a vast range of age groups with listeners between 15–60 years old. The majority of its sound is mainstream. My show is a more personal show and has listeners who might not tune into the station regularly during the week, but on Saturday night they are there. The show has been on air for 10 years, and I feel proud today knowing that it’s one of the largest shows around with the most amount of listeners in Portugal. According to the latest results I have between 75,000 – 90,000 listeners in Portugal, plus I receive good feedback from the worldwide listeners online.”

Can you reveal any facts about your studio set up, are there any new bits of kit that are flicking your switch or turning you on?
“I have re-located all my equipment recently to a place in a friend’s studio, a really nice room indeed. I work with a Mackie DB8 mixing console, a Macintosh dual G4, a couple of virtual synths, and some analogue models. My favourite at the moment is the Nord Lead 3.”

How do you work in the studio; do you have a production partner, or do you engineer yourself?
“I have always worked on my own, but since 2001 I have someone in to help me with the final stages. I start developing my ideas alone, and after that I've got an engineer who helps me on the final mix.”

What are your thoughts on current technological advancements in the art of DJing – CDJs/DVJs/MP3s and so forth?
“I’m a fan of the new technologies. I believe that CDs these days have an advantage over vinyl for many reasons. The equipment makers are on top of this, and never stop developing kit, so each one of us must be ready for it.”

When you compose a track and it’s giving you goosebumps who is on your DJ short-list to receive a copy to play out, or to deliver a reaction?
Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderone, Deep Dish, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Morillo and Tom Stephan. If they play my track, the crowd delivers a reaction.”

How has the Ibiza 2004 vibe felt, and are you returning again this season?

“I could only stay for 48-hours last time, but it was excellent. Space is the place, and I’m coming back for the closing in October to hang out with friends.”

If you were suddenly speechless what track would best describe your vibe this year?
Oris Vroom - Piano Track.”
Can you tell us about your mix recorded at Space this summer, which we are now hosting online The Voice?
“It’s 30 great minutes!”

Any further message(s)?
“Thanks Carl.” 

Words by Cheerleader