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Go BackIBIZA’S DJ AWARDS – Event manager Jasmine Elias provides information on proceedings, including an afterparty with Danny Tenaglia and Jade Jagger…

Posted: 29/9/04 18:09

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The Ibiza-based DJ Awards is certainly a well-dressed event. Now enjoying a 7th year, these annual awards aim to recognise the considerable talent and cultural significance of today’s DJs and industry experts. So how do they do this? Well, aside from quirky layers of weirdness involving the mysterious Tuffy and Mr. Papy characters, the DJ Awards bring honour to international talent using a green, crystal-like ‘Kryptonite’ trophy.

Jose Pascual and Lenny Krarup (Ibizarre Records) are in charge of the DJ Awards. As spokesperson, Jasmine Elias explains, “we don’t have such things as titles, I didn’t know they existed in Ibiza. However, if one should label me I may be called the DJ Awards’ event/DJ liaison manager. We do have a lot of other people who work for us though, and it is very much a team affair.” 

This year, all online voting for the DJ Awards closed in August to prepare for the event on Thursday 30th September. Pacha meanwhile is set to host both the ceremony and afterparty, with Danny Tenaglia and Jade Jagger performing after the awards. A world premiere of the movie ‘Hey DJ’ will furthermore be shown out on the Terrace.

We will bring you a photographic round up of the day’s events, but for now read on to discover more as The Voice talks with Jasmine Elias… 

Hi Jasmine, as an event/DJ liaison manager for the DJ Awards, can you first tell us about your own background?
JE: “Well I graduated with a fashion degree. Later on I had a mortgage to pay, so as needs must I went to a temping agency. Surprisingly they offered me a temporary job with Virgin, which lasted nearly 10 years! It was an amazing experience, and I worked on a vast array of projects. I went on tour to all of the major summer music festivals with Virgin Megastore’s Tea Tent. Work ranged from offering out free herbal tea, to organising many one-off personal appearances and midnight gigs by the likes of: Oasis, Rolling Stones and the Spice Girls. Then life was to change again when I got offered the chance of taking voluntary redundancy. So with a few bob in my pocket, a friend asked me to come spend the summer in Ibiza helping on press for her event and I’ve been here ever since! Living in Ibiza allows you opportunities for work that perhaps you wouldn’t find elsewhere; they say 24 hours here can be a long time or very short time. Like many of us in Ibiza, I’ve had some amazing work such as: promoting a season of parties at El Divino, doing one-off events and working on various TV and film productions, the last one being ‘It’s All Gone Pete Tong’. I helped to find over 400 extras in the height of summer, which was chaos but fun! For the last three years, while doing some of the above, I have also worked for the DJ Awards.”

You say Jose Pascual and Lenny Krarup are governors of the DJ Awards, so when did you get involved and how has this event evolved?
“I used to work for Lenny who is boss of his own record label, Ibizarre Records. Three years ago he asked me if I would like to get involved with the DJ Awards. When I started working with the awards I was amazed that there was no army of staff involved, but only two people - Lenny and Jose. We are very lucky nowadays as we have a lot of support from designers, visual and production companies who are now part of this ever-growing family. There is a huge amount of organisation and planning for an event such as this and people are constantly amazed when they know that all this work culminates in only one night. As DJs play such a huge part in the evolution of music, the DJ Awards naturally evolves with them.”

Registering the ‘DJ Awards’ as a name was a smart move; so was that Jose’s idea?
“No, this came from the DJ Awards Association.”

And who are the DJ Awards Association?
The DJ Awards Association is a natural formation of all those that work for, and with, the DJ Awards. It’s more like a co-operative of like-minded people, rather than some highflying ties and suits! It was given a legal identity to provide the DJ Awards with a platform, from which we can spring ideas.”

What are your aims and what is the team’s philosophy?
“Our aim is, as it was when the DJ Awards was created seven years ago, to honour and celebrate the talent, popularity and cultural significance of the DJs and the dance music industry of today”.

The theme of the DJ Awards this year is the mind and three of our senses: ‘feeling, hearing and sight’; can you elaborate on why such themes exist and how they help the event?
“The theme each year is very important to this event, and always represents in some way the DJ and the music. The theme acts as a catalyst for the event to take on an identity, which can be expressed via the: publicity material, advertising, decor, lighting, visuals, and overall dressing of the event. The ambience at the event therefore becomes more visually exciting.”

The actual award ceremony is at El Hotel, and the afterparty is at Pacha; is that correct? 
“Actually no, in previous years it has been held at Pacha. We decided last year that it would be nice to try a more intimate surrounding and Pacha having just refurbished their new hotel, El Hotel, suggested doing the ceremony there, which seemed a logical place. Although a great success, we decided it perhaps was not a natural environment for an event of this kind in terms of the capacity. It was too limited, as our guest list was bursting, and it lacked a natural view of the stage area. So we are now back in Pacha for the ceremony with invited guests, and then the club opens to the public for the afterparty.”   

The award categories seem to change each year, although some remain constant. So how are these decided initially, and what happened to the DJ Innovator award for example?   
“This is very much due to the ever-changing labels that are given to each genre, and the progression of the DJs music. The DJ Innovator category was right to use at the time, however now for example the HipHop/RnB/Garage category will more likely change for next year. Trevor Nelson has suggested we call it the Urban category, however apparently that is not a nice word in the States. I’m sure for next year we will have to replace, or include, more categories to stretch over this vast expanding oasis of music genres.”

Do you find placing music in categories difficult, for example in 1998 Satoshi Tomiie was among the House, Garage award nominees, yet finds himself in the Tech-House, Progressive category this year?  
“Exactly my point. It’s great that we now see a lot of DJs sets progressing into different categories, and as I mentioned before we aim to reflect those genres in each voting category.”

What about the Kryptonite, are you allowed to disclose its origin, as the story is quite fantastical on your site?
“This comes from Mr. Papy and his encounter one day with this energy that fell out of the sky. For the full story, you’d best read it for yourselves:” 

Voting for nominees closed on the 25th August, so who voted, and how was the run-up canvassed, advertised and approached generally?

“All voting comes from our website, but also from our nominee’s websites who poll their readers to log on to vote for them. We work very hard bringing this event to the masses, and as such we have international press covering the event every year. This year, Motorola (sponsor of the event) together with the DJ Awards put on a tour around Spain featuring some of the island’s nominees, which was a great success and from that has built up further awareness for the canvassing of this event worldwide.”

Who chooses the final winners from the nominees and how do you ensure that the DJ Awards are just and democratic?
“There are those categories, such as the music genres, Best Bar and Best Newcomer that the public can cast their vote on. The rest of the categories are then decided by the DJ Awards Association... The latter are categories that realistically cannot be decided upon until later on in the summer season such as: Track of the Season, Set of the Season, and so on. When the voting comes in, we have been surprised many times as these choices may not be the obvious ones, but for us that’s what keeps it exciting.”

How is the fabulous afterparty funded to fruition with Danny Tenaglia and Jade Jagger?
“This is totally down to Pacha, who every year organise the afterparty for the DJ Awards. Last year’s party was one of the best of the season. We are very lucky that Danny Tenaglia has, for the last two years, spent his only Ibiza appearance here at the DJ Awards. This year he is going to do a six-hour set in the main room, which I so look forward to. Jade Jagger is bringing her party, Jezebel, featuring an eclectic mix of hip-hop DJs for an alternative mood in the Global room.” 

What’s this we hear about the movie premiere for ‘Hey DJ’ being held at Pacha’s afterparty?
“I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it yet but after the DJ Awards ceremony has finished, a world premiere of ‘Hey DJ’ will take place on Pacha’s roof Terrace.”

What are your plans regarding the future of the DJ Awards for 2005 and beyond?
“To keep the spirit of the DJ Awards alive.” 

Thanks, any other message?
“This has been another amazing year in Ibiza. Let’s hope those in power recognise the achievements made by so many, and help us ensure that we all work together to maintain the essence of this magical island.”  

So, who did you vote for? 

The Nominees 2004:

House: Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, Claudio Coccoluto, Junior Jack/Kid Crème, Deep Dish
Techno: Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Jeff Mills, Timo Mass, Ken Ishii
Tech-House/Progressive: Sasha, Steve Lawler, Satoshi Tomiie, Wally Lopez, Danny Howells
Hip Hop/R&B/Garage: Trevor Nelson, Tim Westwood, DJ Spoony, Mark Ronson, DJ Scream
Trance: Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten
Best Newcomer: Nic Fanciulli, Audio Bullys, Aldrin, Behrouz, Demi
Ibiza DJ: Andy Baxter, Sarah Main, DJ Oliver, Tania Vulcano, Cesar del Rio
Best Bar Ibiza: Sa Trincha, Rock Bar, Dome, Mambo, Km5

Awards to be arranged: Technology Award, Set of the Season, Track of the Season, Outstanding Contribution, Best Art Design, Best International DJ, Outstanding Dedication, Best Ibiza Night, Outstanding Achievement, etc…

DJ Award winners 2003:
Track Of The Season – E-Samba Junior Jack
Best Ibiza Bar – Base Bar
Tech-House/Progressive – Steve Lawler
Outstanding Contribution – Cream
Set Of The Season – Deep Dish
House – Erick Morillo
Outstanding Achievement – Maxima FM
Best Ibiza DJ – Reche
Outstanding Dedication – Pepe Rosello
Best International DJ – Jeff Mills
Techno – Jim Masters, Sven Vath
Best Newcomer – Junior Jack & Kid Crème
Best Ibiza Night – Manumission
Technology Award – Pioneer
Hip Hop/R&B/Garage – Tim Westwood
Psychedelic Trance – Hallucinogen
Best Art Design – Ross Kirton

Words by Beara