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Go BackIBIZA CLOSING PARTYS 2004: A bite-size review with snaps to cover a handful of closing fiestas including: Space, DC 10, El Ayoun and the Underground…

Posted: 13/10/04 12:47

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Ibiza’s closing fiestas actually spanned an entire month - there’s probably still a closing, (closing, closing) party carrying on as you peruse these words. Well, we were perhaps sicker than average due to an increasingly corporate clubbing climate that seems to confine creativity all over this globe, but it was nevertheless twisted to the core for those with an adult taste in dance music entertainment. Indeed Ibiza’s devoted disciples marched on marking an end to this year’s summer season with admirable displays of the freakiest dancing, and other expressions of joyful exuberance. So while we bear in mind the old adage ‘less is more’, here’s a compressed summary concerning a handful of the island’s countless closing fiestas… 

Sunday 3rd October: Space, Playa d'en Bossa
Patrons attending the closing party at Space this year were able to experience no less than five impressive areas with a deliberated arrangement of artists. The popular open-air areas however closed at around 2am and included: the intensely packed Terraza, the Premier Étage rooftop with its classy chill out, and the effervescent DJ Magazine Arena with added catwalk in the converted car park. Meanwhile inside Space, the Caja Roja (Red Room) housed energetic nastydirtysexmusic all night long until 6am, while powerful sounds from the Discoteca reverberated through a capacity crowd to close up the show with a breathtaking Carl Cox finale… In a word: immense! 

Monday 4th October: DC 10, Salinas
held a torch at the packed DC 10 for the epic Circoloco ‘Olympic Games’… Sacred spirits of the almighty terrace gathered together to get off on the residents’ remedy of encapsulating liquid grooves. Sadly the dearly loved terrace closed early due to restrictions, but the mammoth orgiastic vibe was kept alive inside. Everyone knows the force is strong in the loco ones, and it was a supreme turnout by a loyal and enchanted audience. 

El Ayoun, San Rafael
At this majestic Moroccan influenced bar/restaurant come club, both l’ atmosphere and la cuisine are superb. On this particular night the lavish surroundings became a clubbers paradise as resident DJ Angel started the mix followed up swiftly by the, oh so, dazzling Demi, who in turn set a mood for the nastydirtysexmusic that pumped from the speakers courtesy of its masters, Smokin’ Jo and Tim Sheridan, until 7am when the police arrived… We could do some impressive name-dropping and storytelling, but essentially what matters is that this party welcomed all for free to a good place with superb music, people and intentions.  

Wednesday 6th October: Underground, San Rafael
The Underground is based upon most precious concepts and is a local gem. Someone sending out an sms (text) brought us here… We cannot talk too much about such a spirited and free club, except to say that there are no cheap thrills and that money cannot buy these spontaneous kicks! Its specific simplicity reflects its values, and on this closing occasion we had the pleasure of DJ Justin racking up tracks alongside Juanito. It was certainly refreshing to roll with such meticulously melded and untarnished rhythms. A thought surely shared by the DJs who dropped by to mingle with the sparkling club goers. This Underground is certainly alive with inspirational music and the most colourful of islanders. 

In summation we would like to salute all the special faces and places present and correct in Ibiza who, when blessed by boundless beauty, know it’s their substance not simply the style that generates life force… Grr, high or low profile, it may be a fierce fight for survival and of course this, admittedly brief, report is a mere drop in the ocean of what’s been going on over the closing weeks on the island…
Needless to say Ibiza has a dutiful and abundant army of 24-hour party people plus many in reserve around the world, and the locales these liberal minded folk choose to frequent will no doubt be tested by time. So here’s to Ibiza’s evolving future as a positive place to party. We wish for a path forward to prevail providing a diverse nightlife with a resilient music ecosystem to be fertilised by the creativity of a lively underground, and safe within a democratic clubbing community…

A wise variety is the crux of a quality club life, so bring on 2005: Viva Ibiza!

Words by Bearlearic Rites