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Go BackDC10 TERRACE WILL BE EXACTLY THE SAME IN 2005 - Says Circoloco guru Andrea Pelino for his 1st interview... Ever!

Posted: 28/10/04 13:54

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So! Samuel Guetta, finds out I used to write for Jockey Slut and now I am in a corner! I had to blow the dust off my brain, computer and ego and think about writing again. Apparently a LOT of people want to know things about DC10. I'm pretty curious myself so I suggest that Ibiza Voice talks to Andrea, who I always saw as the energy behind much of Circoloco along with Antonio. BUT it appears no one can get an interview with these guys. So I suggested a 'conversation' with Andrea in the form of an interview and luckily for YOU dear readers and ravers....the man behind Circo Loco...he say YES!

It seemed logical that as our new success as Nastydirtysexmusic was a direct result of a very cool friendship with DC10 (I've often described us as a parasite fish with it's lips locked on the bigger fish!)... then perhaps it was time to talk about our season and try to find out a little bit more about the mystery men behind Ibiza's coolest Monday....
I called Andrea, who VERY kindly agreed to talk to me mostly in his impeccable English (I'm Irish and I have enough trouble with the English never mind my AWFUL attempts at Spanish, never mind his native Italian.... so embarrassing and I curse my nonexistent education daily!). I blindly asked some controversial questions firstly about things I wanted to know about.... Island Politics, the Disco Mafia, the Consell, the 'trouble' at DC10 this season and Andrea showed himself to be a true veteran and diplomat by deftly avoiding them ALL with some grace. So I tried to stick to the sort of things that would avoid giving him even MORE aggravation. So please forgive a first timer (I write, but never interviewed anyone before), what follows is a transcript of our conversation where I hoped some questions might be answered for me, as well as you. Because in this instance particularly,
I am you. A fan.

Tim: There is a lot of curiousity about Circoloco. I mean quite simply... who are you? Who are the people behind Circo Loco? Give me a history lesson about you in Italy....
Andrea: Well I obviously began in Italy in 89 with "RAVE Party" in a secret location, programming some of the best acts and Djs at the time; Prodigy,N-JOY, Joey Beltram, Franckie Knuckles, Mobi etc... It was legend but unfortunately after years of success, in 92, we have been shut down by the authority. In 93 I started Fitzcarraldo with Judy W and Def Mix. After one year I organized Sunday
after hour in Rimini (Italy) in club Dei Nove Nove, which has been kind of the highlight of this season and as usual now, police shut it down as well :-). I decided to move to Ibiza in 99 where I believed it would be easier to build up what I had in mind. I met my partner Antonio and we started DC10´s Circoloco adventure in 99. Then met Dj Cirillo and Charlie Chester who is handling our PR and also manage some of our relationship with Dj managements.

So now people know about you! I think you might be surprised at how little people know about Circo Loco.... I have an interesting question that comes from our experience this year on the beach at Talamanca. Do you think the 'bad' stuff that happened to you has actually been good for you as it was for us? In a crazy way us being busted and arrested was actually quite cool and I think people respect a little struggle. Was it a negative season for you because it was so difficult and dramatic, or in a crazy way was all that actually GOOD for you?
(laughs) Ah yes well in the end it was more promotion for us! because normally the problem was always when the club started up, early in the morning. Then as the party started people started dancing in the Terrace even when there was only the music coming from the inside room!!!! that was something AMAZING! I am up in the empty DJ booth looking at the people and the atmosphere was the same as WITH the music. So I really know people love the Terrace of DC10. They say "we want the Terrace" and it is an important thing on this island you know? And Nastydirtyparty was the same thing you know? after Dc10. A lot of people come to DC10 for your party and when you were closed down for 2 or 3 weeks a lot of people go home!? And for me this is stupid, because you are cutting something important out of the island, something different from the "Club" and is a real underground party. You know the big 7 clubs are here and they do a good job but there is a different kind of party also... Your party, The Underground in San Rafel, DC10 too.... different you know? It gives you a choice so one night you go to the big club, another night you want something different... The people should be free to go everywhere they want. This is (OR SHOULD BE) the message of the island.

Talking of 'the people' I think Circo Loco is one of the best clubs in the world because of it's unique crowd. How much is due to the people and is organic compared to your efforts, because it is the best crowd in the world and possibly the best club?
To do it short I would say there´s an alchemy and it works. But it's difficult for me to say it is the best club...

I think it could be....

Well for a long time people say to me all over the world "it's the best club, it's the best club, it's the best club" and I get this a lot when I travel all over the world in the Winter. People always say this and they will come next season but for me and my business it is important to listen to them but not so much to the press. This is because the real thing about the party IS the people. You must remember the club must be real you know? (chuckles)

Bearing that in mind would it be fair to say the success is from listening to your crowd instead of the press?
Definitely even if the press has been so supportive all this year. I must say that the success of Circo Loco is a group of people. Not only me. We are many! The best thing about us is we are so many and like a big family with big respect for each others you know. And sometimes when i read in a magazine that it talks about just one person and not all the people at the party it is hard for me to understand, I prefer people to remember the party, the name of the club and no other things...

That's a very good attitude. This is part of the reason I chased you, because you are hidden and very modest but I think people want to know about you.
I must be always everywhere.... on the Terrace, or in the booth working for the Djs or running around the venue. This is something not normal! the running around the club! (laughs)

Ha ha I know...I've SEEN you! all over the club, and in the booth. Like the figurehead on a ship. Antonio and your other people ALWAYS on the dancefloor! You have a great attitude compared to other promoters and I have worked with all of them, they are all very professional but nobody runs around the club working quite like you do.
I think my job is different than others, because they do maybe one lineup in club working with a lot of famous DJs but my job is to bring through new DJs like Tania (Vulcano) and DJs from the island. Seems more important to me than to book the big name!

Oh yes, it's the same for us. we never put our names on the flyer or publicity because the music is more important.... and of course the people....
this is what makes DC10 different you go inside and you might look for the names of Djs but there is no guests.
The music is just of Circo Loco, of DC10... no other you know?

It's only about the Music...
Yes, it's a project based around the Music, that takes care of everything....

So I'll ask perhaps the most burning question considering this season's adventures... is the DC10 Terrazza open next year?
Ah, so this is the question! I think with the Terrace next year it will be ok, the same. We are waiting over the next few months to double check about the License. Space is going to cover their terrace next year but we will open during the day. For us I think everything will be the same because in the end everything was paid for. The problem was in September when we start to have less people inside, I don't know...on the island there seems to be a big problem with the open air party, the places with a Terrace, like you on the Talamanca Beach...places like AK Morgana and KM5 but I think in the Winter everything will be OK.....I am not worried about the authority shutting down the Terrace, it is going to stay as it is. I believe a large part of the islanders are going out only on Mondays @ DC10. We start the Mondays also to be sure we don´t bother any big clubs. If they are not happy with the result it is a bit late as its been 6 years now! What we just ask is a fair and loyal competition and to respect the work of each other. Thats what we do on our side, I wish all others would do the same...

Ok, Andrea I'm going out on a limb now because... I thought this would be a 'puff piece' which is all talking about how fantastic you are (laughs) so I asked many, many people because I was looking for one criticism. I thought that "I love DC10, and so do many people", so I need to find something negative or this might be boring.... and you know what...? I couldn't find much! the only negative I could find was to say it is too minimal musically these days... what is your reaction to this? I'm pretending to be a journalist now!
Is this from Danny Tenaglia? (laughing) I was talking with him about this.... I know this music from '91 the first producer was Robert Armani and Dj Rush from Chicago and also some artist from Hi-BIAS rec,now is just changed with some influence of the electro music.

No, I asked around a lot of people, I wondered is there a musical 'policy' for want of a better phrase...?
I am curious too...
No, no no...I don't know...the people in Ibiza like this music. it is different...

So the people decide....
Yes, they like this.... And I like the deep style...with the LARGE bass! because I think you can enjoy the music and also enjoy the party. You don't need 128 BPM to have fun at a party when you can have 10BPM less....

Yes, I think it is important with a very long party like Circo Loco to find a groove. It can't be peaks and troughs all night. You have to find a steady, sexy groove and hold people at a level for a long time....
Yes and also my job is not just for DC10... I work for the DJs as well. During the whole day I listen to everything... maybe 12 hours.... To 'check information' is my job. I listen to everything. I don't even know how many CDs I am sent! Sometimes I listen to one and I get in touch and ask for more because I think it is very important to have a contact with the people you know? Normally when you go to clubs around the world, those club who want the Big Name DJs and the Big Party. You can do this deeper with new guys and you don't need to spend a lot of money and then you can have a normal price on the door, normal price at the bar and you can have a least the same success, maybe more!? and this is the situation with Circo Loco....

Also this is investing in the future... making new stars. The old ways can become tired and if you don't replenish the gene pool you die out as a gave new life to the industry by bringing through and making new stars like Tania, Loco Dice and even boosting more established artists like the great Clive Henry to new hights.... have re-invested in the future....
I think this is the thing I am most proud of and makes me so happy. when I hear the name of Tania shouted by the people and they say she is the best Dj or at the DJ Awards I was at recently where Tania won best DJ... for me it is so important for my heart to say what we did for Tania was really something.

It is something that can never be taken away I guess... If everything ended tomorrow you could say "We did all this, achieved all that" know? we did this....
You know Tim, when DC10 is finished we can talk of so many things!(laughs) I have a lot of stories but I can't tell now! I can't say the names but you see so many famous people, the pop star and the big name.... but they are on the dancefloor and all are the same you know?
This is the concept of Ibiza that I think people need to understand. Nobody is so different, we are all the same. We don't need exclusivity, this is DC10.... This is the spirit of the island! When I was first in Ibiza 10 years ago this is the kind of party I was into. The music is different but the spirit is the same.

(laughs) We didn't care as much then! in the old days it didn't matter so much about what genre of music it is. It did not matter so much what is cool or not...
Yes, you are right. But the industry has grown...

Well this is the same for Smokin Jo and myself, we came here 10 years ago too. We are old heads and so are you and we are trying to recover that vibe of yesterday but with only the most futuristic music and for free, and I think you have achieved this.....
Yes! DC10 was started 6 years ago and the first year was a free party, people could go anywhere, no need of security guys and people had respect for each others. It is not that different today but sometimes I see some tourists and I think "shit! I don't like this" but someone says "hey! it's full!" and I think "this is not my party" (laughs). And they are saying "you are fucking crazy! it's so busy" (laughs) but what I like best is to see my friends in my party.

I know!
It's more important to see my friends than the people who pays, but of course they are important for us to stay alive and invest for more quality. We are going to do a big investment in the sound system, the projections and other things I think are important for the club... I want to move all my investment into the music. I think next year I will not do promotion on banners and posters for the club. No more! It's stupid.

People come anyway! if anything you have too many people....
yes, I think if you are doing this promotion thing people mis-understand.
I don´t really want to be involved too much in business. I prefer to stay in my position....

At the head of the ship! listening in the booth! (laughs)
(chuckles) yeah!

Yes I've seem you at your craziest! making the moment...ahora.. happen. Not working 9 to 5 in an office! You have to promote in the club on the day and the night of DC10 and on the street level. You can't do it from an armchair as I have found. You must do all the running around yourself.....
You know on Monday when I wake up at 5am in the morning, I am excited, I have the coffee. I have everything ready.....My jeans, my shoes, my T shirt. I get in the car and I put on the sounds like during this summer I like  with Martin butrich (german producer) meet Dave Dish - Mr. Medicine Man, with this sound I go from my house. It is near the airport and DC10! (laughs). This routine is very hypnotic you know. I get on the road, I just think ahead to the day and the terrace and the music and the people's something crazy!

That must be a great feeling, personally where do you go out to in Ibiza? Any clubs?
Weeell.... maybe sometime... I don't know maybe 10 times. Perhaps 5 times... Sometimes when I finish DC10 I want to go to a party but only sometimes. I like private party like in houses or yours is cool. But if I can't get good music I don´t go out... (chuckles).

Yeah sure, I am the same. The whole of the season I didn't go out properly. Not even once!
Well it was not so hard for me maybe, I went to Pacha one hour. Maybe one hour in Cocoon.
Normally I don't go out.

I guess if you have the best club in the world you don't need to go out? (laughs)
(laughs) Thanks for that.

What do you get up to in the winter?
OK, in the winter we will do the world tour of Circo Loco. We go all over to the best parties and the best places.
In Italy normally in the winter I run also the agency for all the DJs I work with, for all the DC10 DJs. And maybe sometimes I go around Italy if Carl Cox does something together with us, I am also the tour manager for Timo Maas in Italy.

So you are a big agent in Italy not a promoter!?
Yeah yeah! We are called DNF booking crew....

DMF? what does that stand for?
DigitalNikoFactory! (laughs)

(laughs) SO nice for everybody to finally meet you Andrea! we will get some photos of you because I think the people want to know who is that guy in the DJ booth! He's the man! Thank you Andrea and see you next summer!
Thank you Tim & The Voice. See you ibiza 2005... Circoloco at dc10... terrace!

Circoloco on Tour:
28 october Pacha - Barcelona Timo Maas
30 october Ocean Rooms - Brighton Fabrizio and Jo Mills
31 october Italy Tania Vulcano Tbc
1 november Milan Tania Vulcano Tbc
18 november Goa - Rome Timo Maas, Vulcano + many guests!
20 november Circo National with Mission - Bucarest Cirillo, Locodice, Clive
Henry, Rhadoo, Pedro.
27 november Madrid Riviera Tania Vulcano
31 december Il Muretto Jesolo Timo Maas, Cirillo, Tania Vulcano

Words by Tim Sheridan