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Go BackADE REVIEW PART II – The Festival: Amsterdam Dance Event hotspot Panama* repeatedly grabbed our attention, this is what happened… (incl. Clip Yoshitoshi)

Posted: 9/11/04 0:30

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Rich in diversity, the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) festival was a liberal celebration of quality music held in one very cool city! Three nights, running between Thursday 21st and Saturday 23rd of October, presented a range of home-grown and international sounds as around 300 DJs performed at over 30 locales. There was also a serious run up to this event on the Wednesday night and colourful after-tremors on Sunday...  

So yes, this prolific night-time program was a handful even for hardcore partygoers. It was certainly a challenge to survive the ADE conference/festival combo, as nightly decision collisions ensued caused by the countless combined efforts of various cafes, bars, clubs and the extensive artistic involvement of other venues, plus a Lucky Cruise (on a boat) with wining ‘n’ dining sessions on the side!

Now while Ibiza-Voice aim to meet your needs, we should make it clear however that this review is not intended to be a comprehensive account of the entire ADE night program… No, it is instead a mere taster of the delights we sampled at a well-dressed club come theatre/restaurant/bar called Panama*. We hope that you enjoy this feature moreover as a visual aid to understanding the vibe very much alive at this club. Going Dutch for a few days, we felt honoured to witness so many admirable audio experts (and VJs) in the mix, and so here is our quick outline of what happened…

The Line Up: 10pm – 4am (ish) Main Room DJs: Roog (Hardsoul, Nl), Simon Dunmore (UK) and Sandy Rivera (US) plus words by MC Gary (Nl). Studio presented by Luvdancin with DJs: Frankie Feliciano (US), Cassie 6 (Nl) and Leroy (Nl).


A General Picture
: We did not actually attend this night, but heard only good things from participants… Defected RecordsNick Navaro was luckily in the house though at Panama*, and thus here to bear witness to this night’s success are his photographs!

The Line Up: 10pm – 4am (ish) Main Room DJs: Rene Amesz (Nl), Gene Farris (US), Funk D’Void live (Sc/Sp), D'julz (Fr) and Josh Wink (US). Plus VJs Graham Daniels (UK) and Milosh (Fr). Studio DJs: 10 Sui (UK), Nick K (Nl) and King Britt (US).


A General Picture: As we arrived Amesz and Farris had conjured up a groovy mood, and Funk was taking over from Farris… Building on an atmosphere of anticipation, D’Void delivered a live set from the heart full of ‘Emotional Content’ and other gems before the sublime D’julz arrived to take it deeper accompanied by the cunningly apt visuals of VJs Graham Daniels and Milosh. Wink’s work-out notably involved (a favourite of ours) the faithful Fierce RulinDiva’s ‘You Gotta Believe’ – with those vocals etched into our memory of this amazing night forever due to Josh’s special low end and ever-building context. Intoxicating rhythms in the Studio supplied by a formidable threesome of: 10 Sui, Nick K and King Britt completed the stunning line up. In a word: outstanding!

The Line Up: 11pm – 7am Main Room DJs: Nic Fanciulli (UK), Behrouz (US) and Sharam Tayebi - Deep Dish (US). Studio DJs: Stef Vrolijk and the 16 Bit Lolitas (Nl).

A General Picture: Deep and dramatic on the frequency front and Panama* was packed... First to spin, Nic Fanciulli played his icy hot mix prior to the smooth operations of Behrouz and Sharam. ‘Strings Of Life’, ‘Westworld’ and the ‘Flashdance’ phenomena raised spirits, while a powerful ‘The World Is Mine’ provided inspiration... In the Studio meanwhile with a Dutch touch, Stef Vrolijk and the 16 Bit Lolitas (Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock) performed combined wonders issuing some rock solid music. With two rooms and a united sound we were in heaven! Words aside however, this night’s almighty atmosphere is best reflected in these marvellous clips from the mood enhancing Panama* DVD recorded on the night…
Finally Jimmy Woo’s for Behrouz and an after-hours soiree complete with more warming Funktion One sound enjoyed in an oriental ambience finished us off… Good morning Amsterdam

Well, as Panama* played such a major roll in our ADE night-time activities, we asked creative director Rene Vidal for comment. A DJ/producer himself of 15 years, Rene responded (artistically) by giving us these DVD clips, allowing the night speak for itself and it does, but he also told us: “The ADE is getting stronger every year, and naturally we’re glad to be a part of that… The night program went as we expected: on Wednesday with Border Community we did very well with 500 visitors (especially since the actual convention started a day later). On Thursday we went up to 1,100 visitors with Defected In The House. Then on Friday we saw a totally different crowd of 1,100 people enjoying the Extrema Vs Elite and Ovum night – and this night we sold out in only two days! Yoshitoshi night on Saturday was the highlight of the ADE in general (see all the comments on different websites etc), and Nic Fanciulli was, for me, the best runner up (highlight wise) with a suburb set at the Yoshitoshi night.”

Five quick fire questions to Rene Vidal, creative director/label manager and resident DJ at Panama*…

Rene, can you tell us a little more about yourself and how you became involved with the club?
”Yes, for the last 15 years I’ve worked as a producer and a DJ with residencies in Haoman 17 (Jerusalem), The Palace (L.A.), Seven (Las Vegas) and as creative director/resident DJ at Amsterdam’s oldest club Mazzo. Club Panama* in Amsterdam was taken over by the Mazzo directors (including me) on 1st September 2004, before that it was more of a theatre than a nightclub – but we made it both!”

So when did Panama* first open?
”The club opened three years ago, and we took over on the 1st September.”

What are the club’s aims, are there any music policies, and what are your strongest nights?
”We host five different music nights (all twice a month, including two progressive, two techno, two tribal and grooves, two eclectic and two mixed up). For the last two months we’ve not experienced less than 1,000 visitors per night (on weekend nights).” 

The queues during the ADE were huge, did that create problems or simply a massive buzz about the venue?
”The queues did not generate any problems, and most of them were within the hour. It’s always hard when the last 700 people arrive at the same time…”

Have you any other news or facts for us?
“With a small team of real music lovers, we are trying to give our visitors an insight into clubbing. The most important issue, for us, is to treat our visitors the way that we would like to be treated while clubbing!”

Panama* nightclub/theatre/restaurant/bar: Oosterlijke Handelskade 4, Amsterdam.


ADE: The Festival: evidently business is booming!

So this was our experience; but who, what and where rocked your world this year at these ADE party places?
Club Zyon, 11, Bitterzoet, Hotel Arena Tonight, Melkweg, Cafe Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Fantasio, Winston, Desmet, Jimmy Woo, More, Paradiso, Powerzone, Sinners, Club NL, Supperclub, Kingdom, Escape, The Getaway Cafe, Tetra, Cineac, TWSTd, Vibing, Fatbeats (Records), Groove Connection, Indeep'n'Dance (Records), Mid-town, Massive Soulfood, Dance Tracks, Outland Records and Rhythm Import

Check out the entire ADE night program here and be amazed, as we were! 

Words by Lisa Loco