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Go BackTROUBLLLLEEEEEEEEE - Sandy Rivera´s Kings of Tomorrow Video Interview!

Posted: 30/11/04 11:41

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TROUBLE: Sandy Rivera under HOUSE arrest in Columbia.

Arriving at Columbia airport to play a festival, Sandy quickly found out that all the international DJ's playing at the event were being stopped and searched. He was cool with this until at customs they pulled him to one side and checked his papers. He was taken into custody (again!) and detained.... Authorities led him into a room with two other people,  Todd Terry and Jose Nunez who were in the same predicament. The problem was that the promoter had not organised work permits for the performers. Immigration said that they would be kept in overnight however eventually they let them go to their hotels under HOUSE Arrest. They were instructed that they were not able to play the event.
The promoter was forced to pay £500 per artist to play, and the DJ's were escorted to the event by the DSA (local equivalent of the FBI).On arrival a local DJ who was playing Columbian R & B to an empty room but Jose Nunez and Sandy Rivera played back to back and reclaimed the room. All parties managed to return to their countries of origin without too much further hassle - except Hotels and expenses never got paid by the promoter.


Relaxing before a gig in Samus, Sandy and a friend rowed out to sea to enjoy the sun. Unaware they had rowed into Turkish waters, they were picked up by the coastguard and ordered to row back. Sandy later found out he would have been unable to get back into that part of the country, had he continued on his journey...

TROUBLE: Sandy Rivera Deported and Held at UK Customs
Sandy Rivera recently found himself in custody at various immigration offices in the UK and Europe. Due to his frequent visits to the US and Europe his passport has frequently aroused suspicion, he has to date received four warnings and missed two gigs, and was on one occasion escorted to a plane for instant deportation.  It was later found out that there was actually noting really wrong and the fuss was due to a glitch in the immigration system. All Sandy was wanted for was minor traffic offences and unpaid parking fines. The glitch has now been sorted and Sandy is free to travel...

Autobiographical, TROUBLE is Sandy’s latest musical life journey, and he starts setting the high standard immediately with the impressively poetic “Make Believe”. Dreamy, it fuses sweet guitar, tight beats and Steve Edwards amazing voice. The classic “Changes” single makes its mighty presence felt, and another defining song on the album. “Sometimes” brings back the early raw spirit of House music with its easy going vocal from and raw kick-ass groove snagging an electro tip.  Ethereal and beguiling, “Another Day” ‘s hushy magic weaves its spell before the swooping violins open up the incredible ‘Rain’. Raw and poetic, this is Sandy as his most sophisticated musically orchestrating the emotive vocal talents of LT Brown, alongside some real electro techy shades. Switching up again, Sandy delivers the deep n dark whooshing tech driven energy of “London Fog”, which boasts the mother of all dropouts, inspired by a recent DJing gig at DC10, Ibiza’s weekly festival of mayhem. Combining the orchestral with raw Chicago-like early house groove, it’s fierce. Sandy really starts to rock on “6pm”, jamming Nina’s voice with some bluesy guitar and some snaking mean beats   

Thru” is that end-of the-relationship moment with some serious bass whilst "Civil Unrest” unveils an 80’s electro homage with its vocodered vocal and file alongside Devin Dazzle etc... Turning at every stage, Sandy then heads into some Eastern-infused dancefloor magic with the “Come With Me Interlude 1” before detonating the recent single “Dreams” , which incidentally is one of his best-selling singles to date. Those spell-binding violins return on “No Problem”, another poetic journey that sees LT Brown again deliver the vocal punch. Jazzy horns and latino drums underpin “So Alive” as it bubbles in fiesta fashion before shifting gears to the sublime version of ‘Changes’ that sees Sandy’s signature house tune given an earthy down tempo rerub.  Subliminal “Messages” abound for the cryptic, jostling amongst some of the rawest of basslines, poetic songs and finely crafted music.

Words by TT