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Go BackADDICTIVE TV - Bootlegging, sampling and remixing movies! See The Italian Job´s clip...

Posted: 11/10/05 13:33

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Bootlegging, sampling and remixing have come a long way these days; no longer is it just classic and new music releases that get the treatment!

Movies seem to be the next hot sampling source and here's a great example that's doing the rounds right now.

Audiovisual wizards and producers Addictive TV - the guys voted number one VJs in the world by DJ Mag last year and the guys behind the Optronica festival - have completely remixed 60's cult classic The Italian Job (whatch left ) into an audiovisual dance track - building the music out of audiovisual samples from the film!  This is pure genius from the guys that did the Elvis versus The Streets mash-up that Ibiza Voice featured online recently. 
(Read it here

Expect to see more in the same vein in the coming weeks...  To catch the Addictive TV guys live, their upcoming AV gigs include Stealth nightclub in Nottingham on Saturday October 15th and the Amsterdam Dance Event in, yes Amsterdam, on Saturday 29th October 2005. 

Words by Voicer