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Go BackTRULY, MADLY, BALEARICALLY! Ibiza's 2005 closing parties have ended, but magical memories remain...

Posted: 13/10/05 10:01

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Deeply moving, the mesmerizing island of Ibiza is always a unique experience in itself, but for party people celebrating its world famous closing fiestas the experience is obviously intensified.

Closing time is always highly emotional as Ibiza’s ‘endless’ summer draws to a close – if only to make way for the sublime winter sun. Buoyant and beautiful, closing parties offer more than a handful of opt-in fun... Huge throngs of passionate music lovers from around the world are happily united shoulder to shoulder in clubs as they bob across dancefloors to their favourite sounds. In search of the experience and that sound (the one that perversely makes us frown with delight!), we began at Space before taking on Circoloco and concluding with Sexonsubstance (SOS). Something like a phenomenon, yes, we do believe we found it... several times over!

 Space, Playa d'en Bossa, 2 October 2005

Firstly we saluted the amazing Space for their rather epic closing fiesta, comprised of six very different areas and over 40 assorted DJs. Like the meandering masses in the huge queue outside, we too felt the strong physical and mental attraction of Space’s cosmopolitan clubbing experience. Obviously an early warning of the forthcoming eclipse, there were a few shady looking clouds overhead but predictably they didn’t darken the mood of the fortified thousands in attendance.

Among the DJs first to kick-start this colossal closing party were Andy Laguna, Juan Gomez, and David and Toni Moreno in the visually stunning and superb sounding discoteca. Here, as in the new terrace, an award-winning digital mixer by Pioneer powered a finely tuned Funktion-One sound system that was installed and is maintained by respected audio experts Blue Box. Thankfully, for those who like to get down, this ensured full range, crystal clear sound of a quality that you can actually feel without any ringing in the ears afterwards. With the gripping sound of the cavernous discoteca in full techy effect, the magnetic aura of the exquisite sunset terraza began attracting hand raisers who were drawn to the sounds of Susso (who later made an appearance in the more laidback premier etage), Sarah Main, DJ Gogo and Tom Novy.
Another open-air space, DJ Magazine’s well-loved ‘car park’ arena, opened at noon with Stuart Hirst, Lenny Ibizarre, John Taylor and Villenneuve among the line-up that later included Eric Prydz, Francesco Farfa, and a back-to-back finale involving a tattooed twosome of Jose de Divina and Tania Vulcano.

The raw, untamed sounds of the Caja Roja (Red Box) started around 7pm. Later, as the compact room reached its capacity, a one-in, one-out entry policy had to stem the giddy rush for Nastydirtysexmusic (Smokin’ Jo and Tim Sheridan) who closed the sweaty Caja Roja with style at 6am. Elsewhere and earlier on, Jonathan Ulysses was the one to close the sunset terraza around midnight after positively bewitching its excitable crowd. Meanwhile the highly addictive new terrace with its incredible sound and lighting entertained a pulsating crowd who were switched on by a luminous line-up of DJs including Jason Bye, Elio Riso, Smokin’ Jo, Berhouz, and Erick Morillo.

Yes, the terrace’s favourite ‘hot knobs’ and EFX tweaker, Erick Morillo, finally closed the terrace at 6am after he’d supplied the masses with hours of fun. However, tearing ourselves away from the terrace in between times, we danced our way back intothe dark discoteca...

Here, in the steamy heat of the vast room, it was evident that dance maestro John Digweed had worked the crowd into a lather of ecstasy. He was followed by Detroit techno legend Jeff Mills who carried the torch into the early hours, closing proceedings in the discoteca before a sea of steadfast aficionados.

The theatrical performance artists with roses, the brave dancers on stilts, the exotic painted girls bearing bowls of fresh fruit, the massage mechanisms and beautiful podium performers, the fine attention to detail and, of course, the mix of the crowd and the music… another outstanding Space Odyssey

  DC10, near the airport, 3 October!

The annular solar eclipse on Monday morning was another experience and quite a dark and freaky one for some…  (According to Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC, Isla de Ibiza straddled the northern path limit as the shadow crossed the western Mediterranean). 
And yet, as usual the devoted team down at DC10 were embracing the elements that move our lives in mysterious ways, including the eclipse de Eivissa. With magnificent music and a welcoming crowd, it was a healthy mix as a steady stream of people poured into the revered clubbing oasis. Three areas were eventually opened for the grand closing party and included an excellent set-up in the car park, which opened later in the afternoon with the winning Blue Box/Funktion-One/Pioneer experience repeated. An electrifying line-up of inspired artists once more testified to Circoloco’s wholehearted commitment to the music. See lineup hereFull Line up here.

This commenced early in the morning with Andreas’ chosen ones performing inside the main room before the beloved terrace opened towards midday. After the eclipse, the sun shone brightly from a glorious blue sky and it was blissful to dance outside on the terrace or in the parking area.

Discerning dancers moved in time to a dizzying electronic concoction, often involving tough beats, magical melodies and torrential bass. Circoloco parties are always alive with the freshest talent, bringing the best music to an extraordinary audience, and DJs who weren’t spinning seemed to be dancing.

The day flew by. DC10’s twisted summer of love had climaxed but the DJs played on, laying down heavy grooves to crack the dancefloors. With or without solar protection, this crowd was strong and absorbed all the fine frequencies originating from the DJ booths. Comfortably full, DC10 throbbed throughout the night with two bright stars closing the outdoor areas at 2am, Cirillo on the terrace and Tania Vulcano in the parking area. This left the dark main room, brought to a close finally by Fabrizio and Cirillo around 4.30am.

Yes, the vibe was strong: teddy bears, an inflatable dog mincing across the dancefloor, cowboys and indians, and obviously plenty of clowns, aside from the great music… A first-rate Monday morning (afternoon and evening) session and another uniquely Circoloco closing party!  

 El Ayoun, San Rafael, 3 October

Sexonsubstance (SOS) and Ibiza-Voice once again joined forces at the sumptuous El Ayoun in San Rafael to present another inspirational closing party. From London to Ibiza and back again, SOS parties are fast earning a name for cutting-edge excellence thanks to the trio of musical trailblazers at the helm. Demi, Desyn Masiello and Omid 16B form a formidable threesome in the booth and their incredibly rhythmic DJ gymnastics must be seen, if not believed.

A warm and intimate setting, El Ayoun again proved to be the perfect place for the true Balearic SOS/Ibiza-Voice experience – especially since those busy folks at Blue Box had kitted the venue out with a Funktion-One rig (yes again!). Starting swiftly at 11pm, the party quickly attracted a cultural kaleidoscope of awe-inspiring sights as Demi, Desyn and Omid dug ever deeper during the night to deliver a dazzling soundtrack to the moment... Blending an immaculate, well-crafted collection of enchanting gems with supernatural precision, the three wizards of the deep could seemingly do no wrong.

Music induced hypnosis maybe, but they masterfully melded melodic grooves that held the crowd tightly in place on the dancefloor at El Ayoun. Typically arousing with a provocative edge, liquid basslines shifted as well-balanced charms from the Deeper Substance and Sexonwax vaults clicked together like a melodic jigsaw puzzle.

Other edits and tracks apparently came either from the heart or the SOS musical spell book. There may have been three DJs and you could usually tell who was playing, but there was only one set, an SOS set, and channelled by the trio it flowed fabulously...
The unity and emotion was felt and reciprocated on the dancefloor. Industry heads present such as Behrouz, Mr C, Skin, and Erick Morillo mingled with old islander friends, post-DC10ers, locals´Fred & Francesco (Pacha) and innocent passers by.
Mr C ( left pixeven joined the DJ gymnastics team at one point, leaning over from in front of a speaker on the dancefloor to tweak the effects on the mixer with his friends.
Up to 160 Pics to viewWe were very lucky, the spirit of the underground flourished all night long with only two police visitation before the party ended at 6am, prompt. Finishing with finesse and an Omid edit of Talk Talk, all hands were raised. The vibe was alive, but the clock said it was time to close. Pooling their expertise, playing solo, doubling up or even forming a DJing trio, Demi, Desyn and Omid had again showed us why they are so highly regarded as versatile masters of dancefloors the world over.

Look out for more SOS parties and an SOS compilation CD coming out on Sexonwax in 2006!

And that’s that: Truly, Madly, Balearically… until next year... (See you at the opening parties )

Words by Beara Rites