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Go BackLOVE PARADE BERLIN RESCUED! Yes my dears, with new sponsors on board & a revised concept!

Posted: 23/2/06 18:36

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 Berlin, 21 February 2006 !

The Loveparade celebrates its so long expected comeback on 15 July 2006 in Berlin.

After a two-year break, the return of the world’s biggest party in the federal capital is made possible by a new main sponsor, McFit GmbH.

With a seven- figure sum, the hippest electronic music DJs worldwide will be brought into the arena to offer the hundreds of thousands of visitors an unforgettable experience. With a revised concept for trucks, sponsors, and clubs the Loveparade will ‘evolutionize’ the old recipe for success. 

 “The Loveparade is a German export success. This trademark has cult status and is known all over the world. I couldn’t accept that this mega event in my home country couldn’t take place any more solely because of financial problems,” says Rainer Schaller the new Managing Partner of Loveparade Berlin while explaining his dedication. Since January 2006 he has been applying his business know-how there and at the same time has brought in a new main sponsor, McFit. Schaller is the owner and Managing Director of the leader on the German fitness market. “The target groups are identical, the advantage for is ideal both sides”, the 37-year-old adds.
The new concept professionalizes financing and realization of the Loveparade without affecting the original character of the event. The partner’s main aim is realization of a free party at which everything that is hip in electronic music from around the world spins. One of the amendments concerns the choice of DJs: club culture-bearers worldwide can apply via the newly designed homepage

A jury comprised of fifty per cent experts from the electronic music scene and fifty per cent homepage users makes the final decision about which clubs and DJs will have a truck at the Loveparade 2006. “It’s up to the fans”, says the new press officer at Loveparade Berlin GmbH, Maurice Maué.

They decide via an online voting system on the choice of DJs and by participating in the Loveparade will again hopefully make this ravers’ celebration day the biggest party in the world.”

In 2006 the highlight of the parade is again the closing party at the Victory Column with a line-up of top DJs and the traditional speech given by Dr. Motte. The Loveparade 2006 will balanced mix of old and new, music fans from across the world united; the best there is to offer free of charge, and an all-out party on Berlin’s streets. Preparations are running at full throttle and the organization team has its hands full. “We’ll do our utmost to make the Loveparade 2006 a complete success“, Maué promises.

Loveparade 2006 – The New Concept

 What stays the same?  Fundamentals: the Loveparade remains true to its basic structure: the event is also a free of charge party for all visitors in 2006 where DJs will spin everything that’s hip in electronic music. Loveparade Berlin GmbH is developing a concept to professionalize the organization of the Loveparade that will not endanger the original character of the event.  Venue: As always, the closing party with a speech by Dr. Motte and a line-up of top DJs will have its venue at the Victory Column. 
 What’s new? 
Internationality: The Loveparade 2006 focuses on the international music scene. Together with the Government of Berlin and international Loveparade twin towns, media partners and worldwide recognized club culture-bearers are to be involved so that the Loveparade 2006 can bring together people of all nations at a gigantic party in Berlin. Accordingly, the trucks will represent the whole spectrum of “who is who” in worldwide club culture.

 Financing the trucks: For the first time, Loveparade Berlin GmbH will provide clubs with trucks free of charge. This will ensure that all club culture-bearers will have the same opportunity to be present at this annual meeting of techno regardless of financial power. This has been made possible by sponsors who have rented single trucks from Loveparade to place them at the disposal of the clubs or DJs. The participating club culture-bearers are responsible for the design of the trucks in agreement with the respective sponsor.  In return, advertising space for the sponsors will be made larger on the trucks in 2006. The main sponsor McFit will be represented with two trucks at the Loveparade and will give some of the sought-after seats on the trucks to its members.   
Club culture-bearers from all over the world can apply to take part at the Loveparade by submitting an audio test via a newly designed Internet platform. A jury comprised of fifty percent experts from the electronic music scene and fifty percent visitors to the homepage will make the final decision about which clubs and DJs have a truck at the Loveparade 2006.

Stay tuned, interview with Dr Motte coming soon ...

Words by SoHappyinBerlin