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Go BackFROM LOCO LAND WITH LOVE! Circoloco´s Andrea Pelino talks about the method behind the madness. + Incl The Movie.

Posted: 28/5/06 12:13

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 After spending the winter months touring around the globe, party virtuosos Circoloco are about to get Balearic again on the blissful island of Ibiza. With their mind-blowing Monday Morning Sessions held at DC10, they are world-renowned as overlords of Ibiza's underground and are set to mark the start of the 2006 season with a momentous opening party on 5th June.  

Numero uno at camp Circoloco, Andrea Pelino first moved to Ibiza in 1999 after a decade of inspirational clubland adventures in Italy. Joining forces in this year with fellow Italian music lovers Antonio and original resident DJ Cirillo, together they began throwing parties on Monday mornings at DC10. With no budget for advertising, their events initially grew by word of mouth, acid house style.

Pure madness said some... but with a captivating party spirit embodied by the revered clown, their unique alliance has since proven to be life changing, earning the deep love and respect of electronic music aficionados everywhere for a most welcome grass roots approach to clubbing
So what does the summer of 2006  hold in store for an excited international army of Circoloco supporters? We´re in Pelino´s hotel room in Toulouse soon ready for the Inox Festival, Andrea talks about the method behind the madness as well as their past, present and future escapades.  

Hello Andrea, how are you today?
I am great, thx, excited to be in Toulouse for the Inox Festival, I got to pick up Ricardo (Villalobos) in 2 hours, and Tania (Vulcano) is in her room selecting the records for tonight. It will be a great night with some Dj I really enjoy and respect for their music skills and human qualities.

How was the winter? Busy I guess…
Well yeah, we have toured the word, so cool to visit so many countries and culture and find the same enthusiast for the Clown & the Circoloco Tribe everywhere we land. I especially enjoyed Brazil (Warung and Sirena). 

Can we quickly go back to the roots for the fans of Circoloco who wants to know all about it, how did it all start? How did you meet with Antonio, Cirillo? Why DC10?
Cirillo was resident in some of the best clubs of Italia; I was running a successful after hour for years in club Dei Nove Nove in Rimini, that’s how we met. My party has been shut down by the police, and from there I decided to move to Ibiza as I felt it was the only place in the world I could realize what I had in mind.
I was investigating the all island for months to find the ideal location.  Then I met Antonio who was running a party on Sunday night in DC10, the club
had a very bad reputation at the time. I´ve been to his party on Sunday night and on the morning he still had a couple hundred people dancing under the sun in the terrace. I looked at him and said “well you should have started the party now”, and from there, with the help of Cirillo, we decided to team up to launch the Monday Morning Sessions !
Circoloco was free entrance at the time and I guess your idea was to catch the crowd going out from Space on Monday morning?
Yes and also the people coming from the Blue Marlin in Cala Jondal who was rocking at the time, we decided to make it free to attract the public, we had no money to spend in advertising, just word of mouth

What was the reaction of the crowd when you decided to charge at the door?
It was one of the hardest decision to make, but you know we had no other choice and we needed to take in count the position of the Venue, having a great party is fantastic but if you loose money every time, you can’t go far… So we charged but really small fee compared to other clubs, and our door policy is very cool, we let a lot of people get in for free and you know it… It’s very rare that a seasonal worker pay at Circoloco….

The name and that amazing logo, how come?
We worked on this for months, Cirillo came up with Circoloco (bless him), Antonio and I wanted the clown with that creasy eye; the designer Andrea translated it on paper (bless him too).

What about the kickin slogan No Volem Autopista Volem Circoloco at DC10?
I was smoking a… cigarette… outside DC10 and needed something strong for our new t-shirts collection. And there were few people with banner manifesting against the highway; they were screaming “ No Volem Autopista” I added “ Volem Circoloco at DC10 ” ; I felt it was matching perfectly…

Yeah that’s funny to read on your forum (here ) so many aficionados loving it; some don’t even understand the meaning (We dont want the new Highway we want Circoloco at DC10 ), but catch the global warning.
Yeah, no frontiers for the Clowns... !

If DC10 was closed today, which Ibiza club would you considere for Circoloco?
Hmm, we do a one off at Pacha yearly, for my Birthday end May, the party is always nice... but actually there are no other club than DC10 for Circoloco really... DC10 is open since 25 years, no way they could close thx g od!!

Your managing the Dj bookings with DNF, club tours… we all see Antonio putting the face at the parties in Ibiza, he often look like the party animal of the team but we don’t really know his role, can you help us find out?
He he, Antonio is the party guy of the team, but believe it or not, he works hard all week long, he runs our studio in Roma, traveling on tour, taking care of the production, he is a music addict with a strong musical background and  impressive Knowledge. I can say without him Circoloco will not be where it is today.

What about the residents? I mean Tania was a beginner when she started with you, and now she has no dates free till end of the year… How did you meet with the Vulcano?
I met Tania in my villa 7 years ago on a beautiful morning; I was with Lavern my friend from Jamaica, and we just connected. I was convinced she was going to succeed one day or another… I knew Fabrizio from Italia and the others just jumped on board…

It all looks so organic, might seems cheesy to ask but is Circoloco a big family?
That’s not cheesy to say YES, definitely, this is the way we function. It s all about the feeling, I try to avoid the pure business side of the work, which can get very dirty sometimes…

Sure… I am also amazed by the quality of your security guys, with their friendly shirts and smart attitude…
You know this is a really important point, they need to do their job but why not with a smile on their face?

What about you love affair with music?
It all started by the Paradise Garage to me, THIS IS LEGENDARY! Dj like Larry Levan, Francis Grasso, Dave Mancuso and to many others are the pioneer of our movement. I’ve got a room full of records from the early age till now. I love to search info about all the music market… !

Let’s say I am a Dj and I want to play for you, what’s the best way to get your attention?
Sending me few mixes, being original, I listen to all the music I receive…

Let’s jump into summer 2006; you’ve been one of the first in Ibiza, alongside Cocoon, to push up "that" new music (some call it minimal, we just call it Acid House) & new talent such as Matthew Jonson, Luciano, Steve Bug, Sossa to name but a few. What’s in the bag for 2006?
I don’t like the term “minimal”, the artists you mentioned can’t be categorized as minimal, and they can play all type of music. You right to mention House music; it all comes back to our roots I guess. But with today’s new tools to produce music, we reach another level that make it new and interesting I believe. I also think that music keeps regenerating, using past influence, if you don’t know the past you can’t bet on the future…

I know artist doesn’t like to be categorized in music genre, but the press needs to brand things, to be able to spread it out…
That’s your part of the job... ;-)
This summer we are so pleased to welcome Luciano as new resident Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Matthew Jonson, Steve Bug, Damian Lazarus, Guido Schneider, Matt John,Loco Dice, Magda, Dinky, Troy PierceMarco Carola, Marc Houle, Zip, Craig Richards, Ryan Elliot, Matthew Dear + many others to be announced when I will put my things together... Sorry we are Circoloco!

Locodice said in his last interview in the Voice “I only now the night before when I play, who knows what’s in Andrea’s head”...
It is true, I like to look at the crowd on the dance floor, see how they react and manage the Dj Booth accordingly.

The double CD 2006? 
Ibiza Monday Morning Session” by Tania and Luciano, and  DC10 Classic”  by Cirillo
Out in June available on our shoponline (here )

A bit of gossip, there were many comments in the press from Charlie Chester and why he left Circoloco, can you tell us more about.
Well first, there was a lot of wrong information, Charlie never been partner in Circoloco, he was doing our PR and he did a great job.  I have a strong respect for what Charlie has done in the past, but the direction we were taking for the Circoloco brand couldn’t fit anymore with Charlie’s activities.

Well I guess we won’t know more. On a more positive note, what are you expecting for this summer?
I wish Ibiza’s to keep evolving as a great place to party in a safe and liberated environment, a diverse nightlife with creativity and a strong underground scene. I wish the best for everybody in our scene, and beyond !

Words by S.G