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Go BackBERLIN LOVE PARADE - The world biggest Dance event returns, with new concept but sadly without Dr. Motte, we chat with new Director to know more...

Posted: 25/4/06 17:23

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 We know you miss it: the bone-rattling bass, the high-pitched screech of whistles, and six miles of sweaty ravers, clubbers, dancers, and freaks flooding the train stations and dancing atop colorful floats to the pounding rhythm of hundreds of DJs. After a two-year hiatus the Berlin Love Parade is back baby!

The very first Love Parade took place in 1989 in a divided Germany with 200 ravers, a sound system, and Dr. Motte´s Volkswagen bus. The event grew after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and in the 1990s at its peak attendance parade attendees reached 1.5 million.

The largest electronic music in the world returns to Berlin on July 15, 2006, just six days after the soccer World Cup. For the past two years the Berlin Love Parade was cancelled because of financial problems but this year there is no danger of cancellation due to a new corporate sponsor, McFit GmbH, a German fitness studio company. McFit saved the mobile party from bankruptcy...

So what's new this year? Mainly, a theme of global unity. The parade will focus on the international dance music scene and so far more than 420 float applications from all over the world have been received. Love Parade will provide clubs with trucks for free so everyone will have an equal opportunity to be represented, regardless of how much money they have. P
artiers will vote for which DJs and floats they would like to see at the Parade.

 To learn more exciting details about this summer’s Berlin Love Parade The Voice first requested an interview with Dr Motte but it looks like he´s no more on board due to disagreement with new management. We have been kindly re-directed to new parade director, Maurice A. Maué.

We are ecstatic to hear that the love is back! What new concepts do you have planned for the Berlin Love Parade this year?
First of all, we are all heavenly enraptured to have the ability to restart the Love Parade in Berlin this year! We will set a check back signal, a mark of recognition to the worldwide scene of electronic music. Love Parade 2006 is dedicated to a new internationalization and communication concept. Quality electronic music leads the way to this year’s parade and a fabulous international programme, headed both on the floats and at the final ceremony by the world's finest DJs reflects the state-of-the-art of the worldwide clubbing scene.

For the first time in history, Love Parade will bring the floats to the members of the club culture for free. Our target is to have a higher quality Love Parade, because every member of the club culture is able to be a part of the Love Parade, independently of their financial power. Every interested member of the club culture has the possibility to apply online at

The second new thing is that after the float application phase we will switch to the voting phase. Every member of club culture who has applied for a float will be presented on our website with a short preview. The visitors, who are registered to our community, are able to vote for their favourite members of club culture. 50 percent of the Love Parade floats will be run by the voted winners. The other 50 percent are for the members of club culture which will be elected by our float committee. 

The last two Love Parades were cancelled due to financial problems. Can you give us any details about that and tell us what has been planned to prevent further financial problems this year?
We don´t have to worry about that this year because we have McFit as our new main-sponsor. McFit is the largest gym in Germany with 57 outlets and up to 330,000 members. They start their sponsoring with Euros. Plus, we are negotiating with other potential sponsors. The feedback is really positive. 

Let's hear your thoughts on the power of music and dance to bring people together for global peace. Do you believe past Love Parades have accomplished this and do you still see this as a purpose for the parade this year?
Music is the key for this pacifically global gathering of more than 1 million music enthusiasts! Especially nowadays it’s really important to show the world that Love Parade is a shining example for international understanding and a permissive attitude to life.

What kind of turn out do you expect?
The feedback we got from the international club culture scene is huge this year! From the end of the year 2001 it was pretty difficult for the whole scene. The music biz and the new economy broke down and everybody had to deal with the lack of money. The electronic music scene submerged back into underground. But now we will show the world that we are still here and we are quite a few! 

Tell us about this year’s Love Parade organizing committee.
Like years before Dr. Motte is involved and is a member of the planning committee. We are many people with different skills in music, organization, financial affairs and many more. We work together as a team. 

What's your response to those who criticize the Love Parade for being too corporate or commercial?
We will produce and finance 30-40 floats, so all members of club culture - (regardless of their financial power) have the opportunity to perform on a float. That is everything, but not commercial, isn’t it? Love Parade is an event free of charge. We don’t have the possibility to refinance the costs with an entrance fee. We have to fund the money through sponsoring. We think it is possible for a sponsor to blend in a smart way. 

Can you talk about the success and your level of involvement with Love Parades held in other countries such as  Israel, Chile , Mexico, and San Francisco?
Love Parade Berlin is the 'mother’ of all techno parades worldwide. The Love Parades outside of Germany are successful as well. For example, the first Love Parade Santiago de Chile in 2005 attracted a quarter of a million people who partied along with the floats in the city centre, and this year even more assembled in the capital of Chile.

Describe the craziest thing you've ever seen at one of the parades.
The dancing cops with flowers on their jackets. The executive authority peacefully combined with ecstatic clubbers – wonderful! But to see 1.500.000 people dancing is the craziest thing you can imagine. A sea of heads where ever you look. 

Tell us about the very first Love Parade in 1989 and the original vision for the event.
Peace, pleasure and pancakes! It still is, as it ever was and that will always be the aim of Love Parade, to unite people from all over the world peacefully for a fair-minded living together in the name of electronic music.

Over the years the Love Parade has grown into a massive event with a peak attendance of 1.5 million people. Did organizers have any idea it would become so huge?
No. For sure none of us did. It was and still is a very, very big honour for our entire team that so many people have believed in our ideas over the years.

How do you connect the Love Parade with the collapse of the Berlin Wall?
Love Parade started at the end of the cold war. We are moving with the floats from East to West and from West to East, crossing the Victory Column which is a memorial for winning wars. These floats are coming from France, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Egypt, Israel, Poland, Belgium, USA and Germany – we dancingly live our way of life! 

Describe the vibe and energy of the Berlin Love Parade.
Imagine hundreds of thousands of clubbers impatiently waiting for the parade to begin. Suddenly the first beat strikes the masses and overwhelming screams and arms rise into the air! You can’t prevent the goose bumps on your neck! We rev up the engine and set the amazing platoon in motion! With pumping bass cruising in a sea of exalted clubbers the pulse of the Love Parade
has begun to beat.

Words by Julie A. Bates