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Go BackDC10 ULTIMA FIESTA - It´s a plane? It´s a bird? No it's us going insane at Circoloco closing party!

Posted: 9/10/06 20:07

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 We were going out with a bang for the second to last party of the 2006 season with Circoloco @ DC10 followed by a quick dash to the airport; as we were not able join the rest of the Voice crew for the after, after, after party on the beach in Blue Marlin (Cala Jundal )... 

As we arrived the local guardia civil had a quick feel and tug of the party animal in my trousers (!)... We quickly made our way into the queue where we decided to equip ourselves with some legal entertainment, more specifically an inflatable plane which would usually be seen with a child in a swimming pool.

Not today! What would have transported me around DC10 I ask? It had a steering wheel and horn as well so there was no danger of people getting in the way. Unfortunately some nice
Italian gentlemen took it upon him to put his cigarette into my tail, thus causing my plane to nose dive into the gravel corner by the outdoor stage. Fun over...... or not as the case certainly proved to be!

The line up was packed full of minimal house/ techno giants that left us spoilt for choice. Clive Henry was knocking out a superb set of warpy tech house, Freak n´Chic head honcho Dan Ghenacia was again caning the inside speakers to bits, Pokerflat boss Steve Bug took the pink terrace into delirium with his well crafted beats and Loco Dice played it wild and wonky leaving some of us convinced we were in a bird sentry (Krazy WE SAY !). Luciano, Tania Vulcano, Jose De Divina, Marc Houle and Damian Lazarus all killed it, every arena had amazing atmosphere, outside or in, it went off! 

With the outside stage giving a whole new dimension to the event we were having a whale of a time running around from one place to another getting involved in any wrongness we found. Kaptain Kave men/ women were quite a sight as were the various rubber ducks that kept cropping up.

Circoloco is the best party in the world for me; it successfully combines hedonistic madness with the best underground music you will ever hear. There´s no "toocool" in Circoloco, there’s no DJ superstar, there’s no stupid entry price, there’s no outrageously expensive drink price, it’s about the people, it’s about the party, it´s about the music and nothing else matters! If I was going to die tomorrow and I only had one day left I would take all my friends and family (mum included) to Circoloco at DC10.

See you next year!


Words by Chad Harwood Jones